27 July 2012

More Chloe Stems!

Hey Peeps :)

I'm running a little behind right now, what with dodgy Internet connection, School holidays and sunshine! Our routine has gone somewhat to pot. I like routine, so I'm a bit fractious.

It's common knowledge amongst those that know me well, that I like things 'just so'. In fact, it's often been said, I could be considered OCD. I will admit I am compulsive and obsessive. But I don't think I have OCD. I mean it's totally normal to hang clothes in colour groups and length order, right? And. Forks, knives and spoons are stacked in that order from left to right because it's alphabetical. Jams and sweet stuff on the top shelf, pickles, sauces and ketchups on the shelf under, all on the right, with the labels pointing forward, no more than two jars deep. See, I'm totally normal.

So, it was with interest that I watched a programme about OCD earlier this week. At times I was close to tears. I don't have OCD. But if I added up the amount of time I spent each day doing the things that have to be 'just so', it might just add up to the hour that would make me Low Level OCD. So, I'm not going to. But it was interesting to learn more about why it's important to me that things are 'just so'. I understand myself a little better now and I'm going to try and avoid the things that bring out my tendencies. In fact, I might write a list. And then another one, because the original will be messy. And then print it out on a neat piece of paper to hang inside the cupboard. And then debrief Very Understanding Hubby...


Unknown said...

Hi Faye, when are you cards never other than absolutely perfect - never! Another wonderful card, great colours and design.

You made me smile with you OCD tendencies - now I'm the messiest most un-organised person going, but hubby!!! Oh dear - total opposite. He however thinks he is borderline autistic - watched the beginning of a program on older people who were never diagnosed and he ticks lots of the boxes, refused to watch anymore of the programme as it worried him!

So I have to put up with things in neat lines, there is no such thing as a grey area - it's either right or wrong (his way or not at all in other words), got his lists coming out of our ears, he can't cope with surprise (one of the reasons we don't go on holiday much, he can't cope with anything going wrong) I could go on, but I wont!!

Just suffice it to say I sorta know where you are coming from! I work around hubby's foibles and he ignores my mess.

Now I wonder what Emily will be like, she's got two extremes to cope with - poor kid!!!


catherine said...

You are as normal as me Faye or I am as normal as you!!. I spend ages making sure things are just right or else I'm not settled!!!!
Fantastic card today and just love the colours you have used. Happy list writing!
x catherine

Tracey T said...

Love this one, Faye - very atmospheric. I can empathise - I wouldn't say that OCD really applies to me but I do have to check things a lot, especially before I leave the house. Handwashing is another thing. And making lists... a bit like the one I'm apparently making now, so I'll stop! xx

Sue said...

Hello Faye, it's good to know I'm not alone with my little 'ways' and I totally understand where you are coming from
Anyway, maybe that's why your cards are always so beautifully design and this one is no exception. I really love the colours you have used.
I hope you have a good weekend

Hugs Sue

Catherine said...

Another gorgeous creation Fluff ! Love this background ! I've got OCD, that's for sure... Come and see my pantry... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Caroline said...

Gorgeous card love the layout and the colours are beautiful. Caroline xxx

Annette Allen said...

wow Faye this is amazing...love the background and those flowers are amazing...love this

Grenouille Greetings said...

A beautifully inky card!
I watched the same programme and I have to tell you that I thought of you (only because you mention OCD quite a lot) and decided that you aren't OCD. If you are not tapping door jams or scooching back and forth when you sit or put something down and if you don't worry about where you walk on the pavement - you don't have OCD - you have OTS - Overtly Tidy Syndrome. Nothing wrong with that Fluff! Hugs, Lesley

Loraine Arderne said...

Running a little behind.......eeek! Sounds familiar. Gorgeous card, love the colour fusion background!

heidy said...

Oh this is gorgeous Faye!
Good luck with your list!
XXX Heidy

Sheena said...

A lovely card - I love the background! I used to check things a lot, like the door handle 3 times after I locked it but now I'm down to checking it once! I also can't sit still if a double light switch has one down and one up ..... Sheena xx

marion said...

I think we all are a bit freaked when the normal routine isn;t there LOL, but your card is so different from the ones you made, yet I love it. Take care and have a lovely weekend. Hugs, marion

MadeByKarla said...

Oh! Wow! Dare I say, this card is a little messy! Still great, but I'm surprised ;) Good for you, getting messy! Love the coloring and torn cardboard :)

Maybe you're just neat, not really OCD...I'm not really neat! I don't spend any time daily making sure things are just so...But then I suffer cleaning up for a whole day...or two :p

June Nelson said...

Hiya hunnie waited till after the beep lol, but eeeh what a weird answerphone lol, the voice was really weird heh e, lovely card sweets really unusual love it huggies June xxxx

Daniele said...

theres nothing wrong with being organised my Assistant manager pulls her hair out as I only seems to recruit organised tidy people like me, interviewd another two liked minded people today....lol.
By the way just loving this style card hun
have a fabbie weekend]

Mrs A. said...

Could you make a list for The Doc whilst your at it and one for his Aunt too!!!! Not that I'm saying it runs in the family mind.
Hugs Muver (who does not have OCD).
Card is fabby. I meant to hijack this stamp when we were down but got distracted by the Owl.

Faye said...

Hi UK Faye,
I like your beautiful card very much. And thanks for commenting on my challenge blog.
From another low level OCD artist.

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Faye this is just absolutely stunning. LOVE the beautiful colours and the design is gorgeous. Maybe you are just a perfectionist ;) ? xx

Jane said...

I am OCD. There! Said it and slightly mad and VERY paranoid.
Might one ask where you get your card stock from that shape?

Shelby said...

Hey a girl after my own heart, but it really should be reclassified as CDO since that is truly in alphabetical order.
Love your ink work and the black image is perfect


Hazel said...

Hi Faye

Such a pretty card - love the Chloe stamp - just lovely.

Thanks for coming by to see me and leaving me some lovely comments.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Hazel xx

Mary J said...

Oh wow, I love that Faye! The colours are just gorgeous!!

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Hiya Sweetie, love the fantastic card!

Urm, I'm a neat freak too, love to keep things in order, but that's okey cause I'm a teacher, hehe! I don't think you have OCD dearest.