30 January 2013

Wynj wednesday!

Morning Fluffers :)

A few weeks ago, I had a good moan about trying to get an appointment at our Doctor's Surgery... try it, you might like it! Quite a few of you joined in and some e-mailed me to express outrage about this and  other pressing issues, and we had quite a good time. As my last rant was on a Wednesday, and today, is, in fact, Wednesday, I thought it might be fun to have a light hearted Wynj (no I didn't spell that wrong, check my last name...) on Wednesday. (Doc, eating too many peanuts and finkin' you're a goner, doesn't count, you do that every day!) 

Pet hates, things that rub you up the wrong way, share 'em! But remember, it's just a bit of fun. And. In a week or so, let's say Wednesday... I'll select a random comment to win this small Candy... La Jeaune Fille a l'Eventail Rubber Stamp from Little Miss Muffet Stamps and Prima En Francais Paper Stack. No need to put a picture in your sidebar, but let's see how many people we can get talking!

Let's get this party started...

A few days ago, my e-mail provider, the one I keep saying I'm going to ditch, because it can be a bit random, but I stick with because I'm fond of the address, decided to lock me out of my e-mail account. Because. They thought someone else was using it. Now, I'm often logged into my e-mail on multiple computers, as I'm a compulsive e-mail stalker and I come out in a rash if I am disconnected from the Internet for anything longer than, three and a half minutes. But, on this occasion, I was in one place, on one pooter only. Something else that can also cause me to hyperventilate after prolonged exposure. So, it seemed a little random. But as I said, why expect anything else from the 'a bit random' provider. 

Helpfully, in the link I had to follow to try and get back in to my e-mail, they told me, they had e-mailed me a new password, so I could get back in to my e-mail. Yes, you read that right. All I had to do, was log in and get the password. I'll not tell you what I said, but it was quite loud, and because Sweet Cheeks was out, it went something along the lines of 'You're 'avin' a laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarf!'

Needless to say, as I was locked out of my e-mail, I couldn't get into my e-mail to get the password to get into my e-mail! And so, I had to go with the alternative. This took over half an hour, by which time I was well and truly throwing my rattle out of the pram and involved me answering questions a bit like this...

Who was the last person you e-mailed
What is their e-mail address
What was the subject title of the e-mail
State three folder titles from your Inbox
Name three people that currently reside in Luxembourg

Well, I fell at the first hurdle, Peeps. Last person I e-mailed? Hmmmmmm, I was doing seven things at once, so, it could have been one of seven. What's their e-mail address? I only know my e-mail address because I've had it so long. I don't remember phone numbers anymore because they are programmed in the phone. Same with the prompty e-mail name writer thingy. What was the subject line? I don't know! I don't know who I e-mailed! State three folder titles from your Inbox... AHA! Now we're getting somewhere. As you know I'm borderline compulsive and completely obsessive, so folders are broken down into things like Design Teams, people and shopping and they're alphabetical! Simples. So, I only answered one question, but I did it sooooooooooo vividly, they let me back in just to shut me up. Result! I don't think they'll be doing that again. Now, who do I e-mail about closing my account...

Have a great Wednesday!


Catherine said...

Hi Sweetie ! My son-in-law had exactly the same problem with his e-mail provider... What a pain... Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win such a sweet candy ! And as both bear french names, I had to enter !!! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Kitty said...

OMG, was that on hotmail?? I had the exact same problem with mine last week and now im locked out of it completely luckily this is an old one but still. Get gmail hun, it's free and so much better :D xx

Leah's Crafty Life said...

omgigosh, I almost blew a gasket for you.. mind you, I'm sitting here with not a drop of coffee in me.. Wicked, Wicked email Provider.
Free gripe, huh? Oh.. haha.. this one is funny, meant for a laugh, but it may be TMI... but here goes. The reason I am awake so early and blog hopping is I had to use the bathroom. Sure no biggie.. except before I actually had got up to go to the bathroom, I had been dreaming of going to the bathroom... more than one I had a dream about going to the loo.. finally at the start of the third dream, i woke up and said.. OH, I have gotta goooo. So I did a running jig for the loo to make it in time... i barely made it in time.. my gripe? being up an hour earlier.. haha Hope you have a wonderful day!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Oh dear Faye, who can remember the last person they emailed? I am sitting here think who did I last email and it was only this morning lol,I would have answered each question with the same answer, doh how do I know lol.
Kevin xx

Mrs A. said...

Well now let me see, I think I emailed u dis morning or it might have been last night or could have been both. Then I emailed someone in Australia and then there was Canada and oh yes the nice Lady in Shropshire who wos having a rant about the weather and then I got interupted by the phone and some bloky demanding to speak to the Doc. The same bloke wot rang yesterday asking the same thing and got told the same answer. Dun they listen!!!!!
Hugs muver. God I need as drinky poo.

Shelly said...

Hiya Fluff! Urm I can see why you were just a teeny bit peeved (well the words needed really here start with a P and end in OFF)... just as well you had those folders sorted out! That reminds me, I was going to sort out mine... Anyway... you know I mentioned Chrome being slow (like I thought I was on dial-up slow), well I fixed it! Disaster averted! Fab candy by the way... j'aime beaucoup ;) Bisous, Shelly x

Chris said...

So VERY funny, you had me laughing out loud with this weekly rant idea, I absolutely love it and you are a v. clever girl.

I could moan for Britain so I can easily join in with this one and will join Shelly above regarding the tortoise slow Chrome. I better find out from Shelley how she fixed it!!! I don't like wasting time on slow browser when I'm paying for fast internet, it bugs me more than most things.

To answer your question earlier (again you had me laughing alound), yes, you can move your house by mine and look after my craft room when I'm at work but you can only leave after you've indexed all my stamps and I KNOW you can do it :D. We would have fun though then I'll babysit Sweet Cheeks so you can have a night out!! xxx

Sara I. said...

Oh FAYE! Thank God for your organized folder system :)
Thanks for the chance to win the yummy stamp and papers!!!

Kimberly S said...

Now that is just mind boggling that the email provider could be that amazingly clueless. (yea...not really a surprise I guess...lol) I can't think of anything that annoying that could possibly compete with that email nightmare of yours. lol Glad you got it resolved! What a gorgeous stamp that is, and of course the paper collection is lovely. :) hugs, Kimberly

Vicky said...

Is it chrome thats slow, I though it was my 'puter!

What peeves me is when I have to look for some technical help and suddenly everyone speaks a different language, I just wish they would answer a question asked in english with an english reply...... (not some tech jargon):)

Dawn said...

lol... hopefully they will be reviewing their 'lock out' plan.

This reminds me - I recently went on holiday and paid our postal service to have our mail held while we were away. We got back to find almost half of our mail had been delivered anyway! I'm off to fire them a nasty e-mail.