4 July 2012


Well hellio :)

I just know you're like me. That's unless you're dieting, allergic to the stuff, are weird and don't like it, or have eaten it already... So, that accounts for four of you. But everyone else? I know there's choklit in the house. I know it. There's choklit in mine. And cakes, biscuits, pies, jellybeans and just about anything else with over 3 kilos of sugar and 75 illegal 'E' numbers, but that's for another time.

Do you also have a sneaky Secret Stash? You know, for those times when you want/ need to eat more than two cubes and you don't want anyone else to know? Yeah?! Me too. I move my hiding place around from time to time. Mainly so it can't be found and also so it doesn't look obvious. I mean it'd be weird if I kept going to 'check' the back of the chair under the stairs, wouldn't it?

Recently, Very Understanding Hubby wanted some cellotape. No problem. Without thinking, I told him where to find it. Dang! Busted!

(Other brands are available!!)

Now, Very Understanding Hubby knows about my night prowls, (I deliberately leave about a quarter of my daily calorie intake for Raiding.) mainly because I leave jam on the floor. In fact most people do. If I stay with Mrs A and The Doc, they leave a muffin in the microwave for me. Dear Sweet Brother and Not Nearly But Actual Sister-in-Law leave choklit in the fridge. And hotels? Well, they leave those little packets of biscuits. Cute!

But did he know about the Secret Stash? Doesn't matter now, I just need to remember where I moved my choklit...


Debbie said...

Yummy, give us some!!

I used to visit a diet club (yak!) and my lady said if you are gunna eat choccie make sure it's NOT "Galaxy"....WHAT, that's my favorite kind I told her, ye, but it's got the most fat in it....that's why we love it so much!!
Anyway I LOVE choccie more that life itself (but not more than Hugh Jackman!) and I love Skittles I wish I was married to the bloke on the advert who turns everything into Skittles, I would start by giving him the ironing board!!)

Unknown said...

Ha ha haaaa...I'm just like you... I have a HUGE stash of chocklit...I was lucky enough to WIN 10kg of absolutly yummy,delicious choklit on sunday when we took the kids to the amusment park!!!I won it from 3 different stands...So i have been hiding small stashes around the house for the past days...*lol* But unfortunatly, i forget where i stash my goodies...*lol* Have a wonderful day my friend!! Hugs and sunshine

Arabella said...

Lol! You're so totally busted!!! I've got choklit everywhere too, but I am on a diet, so I'm not eating it. It's in the freezer, in my bedside drawer, in cupboards and in other drawers. My only worry about hubby finding it is that he consumes it much faster than I do!


PS My favourites:

Unknown said...

Hehehe, been there, done that!! Actually, everyone seems to be dieting at the moment and I'm no exception! Have lost 15 pounds now, nearly there though! But the upcoming holiday will surely set me back a few pounds! It's wonderfull though, when everything fits again. I have so many clothes now LOL!!HUgs, FRea

McCrafty's Cards said...

LOL Faye you always give me a chuckle, I am thinking you will be finding sweet cheeks covered in choc and you saying where did you get that from lol
Kevin xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

I AM on a diet! Of course I am ALWAYS on a diet unless I'm having one of those "I'll diet tomorrow, days". Therefore choklit, cakes and biscuits are forbidden in the house because if they are in the house they whisper "eat me, eat me" all day long until I can't take it any more and do what every decent person does when tempted to do something bad - give in! So it's the the hubster who has the secret stash even though he is not allowed to have one because even when I don't know where they are - I can still hear them if they are here. I heard his stash last weekend and now it is no more! I did warn him! Hugs, Lesley.
PS next time you are visiting Mrs A and the Doc why not encourage them to take Sweet Cheeks out for the day and you come by here for a play day. I promise to have one of those "I'll diet tomorrow days" when you're here and they'll be illicit choklit coated stash amongst my illicit craft stash in spades!

Grenouille Greetings said...

Of course Mrs A can come too! But that means the Doc gets to keep Sweet Cheeks. Is that safe? Might SC find the Doc's secret stash of white lightning? Lx

Unknown said...

Ooh Faye you are are funny!

I'm afraid I've a foot in the weird camp in that I like chocklit but I can take it or leave it and only a small amount makes me feel sick!

If I really must have a naughty snack I think I'd go for crisps or bisquits everytime (and that is spelt right - it's pronounced bis-quits in our house!).

You need to talk to the hubby about chocklit - he is a seriously, no hope, addicted, addict!!!

Enjoy your not so secret stash!

Annette Allen said...

You have to have chocolate...great place for it...hehe..

Amanda R said...

My dad always use to tell us when we drove my moms car not to slam on the brakes or her chocolate stash would fly out and hit us! She would hide it under the seats all the time! Too funny!

marion said...

Always good to have some secret stash somewhere, I do love chocolat, better not tell my hubbie were I leave it, he's like me LOL. Hugs, Marion

Joey said...

Diet is just not a word that I can apply to me, I am busy getting fat and as I am getting fat I may as well be good at it! rofl, going through a snickers phase at the moment cant get enough of them!!! dont have time to stash them though cept on me hips hahahahaha xxxx

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

He he, I'm more intrigued by the neat drawer!

Lot's of love your way

Jane said...

When the world runs outta sellotape, i'll know where to look x

catherine said...

Yes Faye I hide the KIT KATs and guess where they are-in the drawer under the tea towels cause it seems like no one else in my house knows where they belong!!!
Be a while before i'm busted I believe.
x catherine

xxxtglxxx said...

LOL!! I am one of the weird ones btw, I'm not really fussed on chocolate and can take it or leave it, but I am partial to a packet of crisps or a jelly baby! :)

I do have a hidey place, and thats where half the weeks goodies go as hubby cant stop himself until its all gone, so its the only way to make it last. I also keep moving it around LOL :)

Its good to share!! PMSL!!



Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

LOL!!! Faye I do have a secret stash too hehehe...but maybe not so secret? I always get in trouble whenever we go to the supermarket and now my partner just yells out no before I even ask! hehehe

coops said...

mmmm yum i am a giant choccy buttons girl, oh and marshmallows and jelly meerkats, yum.
i actually have a bag of each down the side of my chair and some hidden in one of my paper pad drawers.you just got to do it.

xx coops xx

MadeByKarla said...

LOL...I stash mine all over the house and in plain sight!
There's enough to share anyway ;)
The hubby has learned not to comment on my choklit consumption.