9 June 2012

Sweet Thinkin' Tag

Morning Peeps :)

What's going on with the weather? I took Sweet Cheeks out on his bike yesterday and I had gloves on!! Come on, it's June. I would have put my bobble hat on, but I didn't want to look like a Muppet wearing a hat in June. Sweet Cheeks had two coats on. It was a compromise. He agreed to wear two thinner summer coats, because, apparently, the red winter coat is 'not cool Mummy'. Do you ever get a moment in your life where you feel like your own Mum...?

Lately, I've been enjoying making tags. It might have something to do with an Illegal Baggage Control Clearance in the form of a Tag Die, it might not, I'm not sayin' nuffin'!

Anyhoo, I can complete a tag if I've snatched some extra time in The Flufferie. Whereas, a card may sit unfinished on my desk for a few days, which, because of my Obsessive Nature, can leave me feeling kind of twitchy! Talking of my quirky tendencies, some people shake their heads at me in exasperation, because, amongst other things, I like to store my CD's in alphabetical order. LOL. Alphabetical is good. So, really, OCD should be renamed CDO!!

Have a great weekend...


Mary J said...

Just brilliant Faye - love how you used those papers and the sentiment!

Shelly said...

Hi fluff! This is too cute, love the rustic colours/jute! I have missed out on a few of your fab makes this week... bad me! Love them all! Shelly x

Amanda R said...

Honey did you see the OCD/CDO blurb on my blog? You really need to post this in your Flufferie! Love the tag, the "wood" paper is sooo awesome!

Donna said...

Totally gorge and perfectly designed as always...I'm back in socks and boots for work...stoopid weather! :) Donna ♥ x

Daniele said...

such a sweetie hun, I could have sworn there was snow in the rain today as its been quite cold and then this afternoon it was warm. Hope you are keeping well
hugs x

♥Gemma♥ said...

Hiya Faye

Hope you & your family are well!!

Stunning tag sweetie & just love that image...i thought i just bought it but guess not :o(

hugs and xxx

Jayne A said...

Fabulous Tag and I love the way you have coloured the image.

Loraine Arderne said...

Hi Faye, thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I've not visited you for a while and just been through quite a few of your previous posts. I'm sure you'r colouring/shading is getting better and better all the time.

Love this tag, just gorgeous!

Jules said...

Hi Faye

Many thanks for the lovely welcome back to blogland.

Loving your tag .. .. the background and your colouring is brilliant!!

If it makes you feel any better our CDs are in alphabetical order too!! I won't tell you what else we have in alphabetical/date order or you might send the yellow taxi round LOL!!!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Love Jules xx

Jenny said...

Fabulous tag Faye and I looooove that hair colouring. xoxo

having a {me} day said...

Love your gorgeous tag! Small is beautiful. keeleyxx

Bananastamper said...

U crack me up girl! Great tag, love the texture.
I do have glimpses of feeling like my Mom from time to time. Take for instance the incident with the red polka dot rubber boots that Chester commented on recently. Apparently, he thinks they look like something you fill up with dirt and plant flowers in, rotfl!!! The best part is it makes me want to wear them even more since he commented, how mean am I? Or am I just getting old!?! lol
Banana :)

Hazel said...

Hi faye

This is brilliant - love it and love the image.

Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving me some comments - I really appreciate it.

Have a great week.

Toodle pip

Hazel xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Super little "wooden" tag! Love how so many of your makes manage to be cute and yet earthy (or in this case - woody) at the same time. So are you implying that those of us who store our CDs in alphabetical order have some sort of mental condition? What other way is there to store them so they can be found? I additionally separate the Christmas selection and the classical collection from the pop collection and the compilations then alphabetise them within the section. The compilations are especially tricky because of the number of artists so I keep movie tracks separate from things like "NOW" which of course are filed numerically. Where do you file Elton John? Under Elton, or John? And I guess the very fact that I felt the need to publicly tell you all of this might mean I'm a little OCD afterall! Hugs, Lesley

Pop's Cards said...

Morning sweetie this is gorgeous and so cute, hugs pops x

Anonymous said...

A brilliant tag Faye, I love the image and colours!
Helen x