21 April 2012

Boo. Terrible Two's?

Hey Peeps!

Boo happened to be sitting next to me when I started up the new washing machine the other day. I don't know why he was surprised by it, he's seen and heard one before. But for some reason, on this occasion, it required a closer look. From the work top he's not allowed on!

Right now, Boo is not talking to me. And I am not talking to Boo. Having found a number of lifeless gifts by the front and back doors at the other house, I had a suspicion that he may be a hunter. And he may be an efficient hunter. Today, however, my suspicions have been confirmed. A few hours ago, I discovered him in the garden, with the spoils of his labour. After a short, heated, debate and tussle, and much to Boo's disgust, I managed to separate him and the bird. Perhaps I should have just let him do what nature intended. As, while I was trying to save the first victim, he went back to claim another. My garden shed is now a bird hospital and Boo is grounded!

Don't work with children or animals, Folks!

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Wishcraft said...

Oh dear... my cat's getting on a bit now and can't be bothered with hunting anymore, and he generally left it to his (dear departed) sister anyway.

Best thing to do though, is praise him for his catch... I know you don't want to, but if not they think you're not satisfied with their 'gift' and go off to find you something better! Hugs, Lisa x

Mrs A. said...

He was only trying to bring you a prezzie to say thankyou for not leaving him behind at the old house.!!!! Muver.

Jane said...

Can you add Husbands to your list of 'Do NOT work with...'?
Do NOT let husbands within 100 miles of your precious seedlings in the garden, Do not let husbands loose in the garden with secateurs or loppers and certainly do not let husbands sort your 'dark' & 'light' washing pile...nuff said! x

Janice said...

Fab story - I love a cat with character. Just be grateful the presents stop outside. Femo delights in taking them in, but she's a humane hunter so they shoot off to where ever only to be found later still alive!
... and I thought cats were supposed to rid houses of mice not infest them! Jx

Vicky said...

LOL..love the story hun and I hope you both sort out your differences...hehehe...:o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Tracey T said...

LOL! Our dog is a hunter of rabbits. Not little ones, but big, older ones that maybe aren't as light on their feet as they once were. Our dog likes to fling them in the air and catch them. This upsets me, as does finding half-eaten rabbits in the garden (the dog likes them but evidently can't manage a whole one). The rest of the rabbit community take their revenge on me by eating my flowers and my veggies. I can't win! xx

Liz McGuire, said...

Does this mean you are up early to catch the worms to feed your patients!

liz x

Liz's creative corner said...

Aw love your story, don't have a cat don't think Tilly my dog would like it, still she chases birds so we say she has cat in her anyway lol, hugs Liz xx

marion said...

LOL ! Are you two on speeking terms ?
Enjoyed this photo, looks like one of my own. He's always so noisy. Have a great weekend, hugs, Marion

Unknown said...

Hi Faye, your Boo looks like a very intelligent little chap!

Our Oscar is also a nifty hunter now (he wasn't when we first moved up here - he has 'improved' loads!) and quite regularly brings us gifts, normally without their heads but sometimes alive.

I absolutely hate mice / rats - really, really, really can't stand them they freak me out. Have been known to jump on a chair or other high object ( kitchen sides are a good one!) and scream until they are taken away!

He also quite happily will hunt birds, it's the one thing I don't like about cats. One of our now departed ladies even decided that snakes were a good thing to bring home, luckily I was at work at the time and hubby dealt with it!

Hope you have a nice weekend.


PS - My stash diet is getting harder to stick too! Free postage, eh - will have to go take a look see!

Daniele said...

awwww no, hope you make it up real soon the pair of you

Donna said...

Love cats, hate that they kill wildlife...naughty Boo :( Donna x

Sheena said...

Oh dear, naughty Boo!! Sheena xx

Hazel said...

Hi Faye

I know what you mean my little Winston always leaves me presents but some consumes them if I show that I'm not impressed!

It's supposed to be a sign that he loves you and its way of saying thanks for loving and looking after me - nice eh - how lucky we are!

Bonjour Fabiola

Qu'est-ce une belle carte - J'aime cette image Mo Manning elle est tellement mignonne.

Merci pour être passés et me laissant un commentaire.

Soyez de nouveau à vous voir bientôt.

toodle pip

x Hazel

catherine said...

Faye it sounds like your having fun in your new house!! Love the pic and hope you both make friends again soon
x catherine

Victoria said...

I think I'm going to have to get the mini beasts to have a serious chat with Boo about unwanted gifts soon eh?
Love ya
Jelly Jelly Jelly je....lly

♥Gemma♥ said...

He sounds a right little character lol
He's just showering his mummy with lots of lovely gifts...well ok i know its not gifts you would like...unless you train him to bring mummy crafty gifts, wonder if that would work hehehe

hugs and xxx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Fabulous photo, Fluff! Boo looks so cute with his neck stretched out peeking into the washing machine. And do I spy some frilly knickers going round and round? And some ointment on the counter top? Having problems? A picture tells a story, huh?
Hugs, Lesley

cheryl said...

oh Hun you always have such great stories,he he,you do make me laugh my cat is far too old know to hunt,so wish you luck with all your extra friends,hugs Cherylxxxx
brilliant photo hun xxxxxx

Shelly said...

Ah Boo is such a tinker... but a cutie too! Shelly x

Jo said...

He's just letting you know he loves you, little weirdo that he is!
Tickle likes to bring me 'presents' too.

is that a giant cupcake I spy behind Boo? is it filled with smaller cupcakes?
i'm on my way! ;)