19 February 2012

Project Gut; Week Three Status Report

Well hello! What a beautiful day it is today.

Boo and Sweet Cheeks are playing outside. This inevitably means mischief on both parts. Yesterday, I caught Boo with his head in a bush. I think he was eyeballing a bird's nest. We had a serious chat about that.

There's a path at the bottom of our garden, which links every one's gardens together. I think originally it was so that people could get their bins out of their gardens and round to the front. It's not used for that anymore, because some (muppet) body put a padlock on the gate and no one knows who has the key. Our fence has a Sweet Cheeks Security Breach Point, which means he has access to the path. Not normally a problem.

Things were suspiciously quiet in the garden, which always requires immediate investigation. On closer inspection, there was no sign of Boo. Or Sweet Cheeks. Hmm. Time to have a looksie along the path. One garden. No one there. Second garden. No one there either. But there was evidence The Cheeks had been there in the form of an empty Malteasers packet. Third Garden. Ahhh, yes, these belong to me. On the way back, we discussed just because Boo does it, doesn't mean Sweet Cheeks can. Not sure it went down too well...

Anyway, this is what the drive at the new house looked like on Monday morning. It doesn't look like that now. It currently houses a stack of internal doors, a broken toilet, some building rubble and enough used tea bags to sink a battleship. Seriously, how much tea do workmen drink?

Doors removed; 11
Rooms Plastered; 2
Radiators Removed; 8
Holes Repaired; 2
Loft Hatches fitted; 1
Satin Paint used; Unspecified (but there are a lot of empty tins on the drive)
Times Electric tripped out after new electrics fitted in kitchen: 1
Visits from various Trade Men; 7
Neighbours met; 0
Injuries; 0
Average Daily Project Related Phone calls; 5
Craft Projects Completed; 4
Blog Posts Written; 4
Choklit Consumed; Choklit?! I've moved onto alcohol...


Unknown said...

Oh Faye,
As I am digesting Boo and Sweet cheeks saga. One question comes to mind are they growing independence is there a new relationship brewing hummm.. I will stay posted lol..

I know how you feel, when we built home recently it was full of the waiting game, and it just took forever. But the end result is so worth it. So stay positive consume more choclate and drink more hehehe

I have My First free candy on my blog if you want to enter the drawing.

Hugs Tammy Ortiz
Blog: http://tammyscrapincorner.blogspot.com/

Tracey T said...

When the Boy Wonder was little I caught him doing something in the garden - something that the dog sometimes did! Remember that little chat very well. So pleased to hear that work on Fluff Towers is progressing steadily - keep the piccies coming! xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

Fresh plastering and new paint. New kitchen? New Bathroom? It's gonna be lovely by the time you get there Faye! Clearly you are now wearing your safety gear - hence no accidents! Good Fluff! Boo may be not such a good fluff (birds nest) and Sweet Cheeks ... well ... nuff said!
Big hugs

Unknown said...

Hi Faye, been a bit busy this week and am behind in keeping up with everyone.

Just been scooting back over your cards - gorgeous as always! Hope the kids party went well - been there done that and got the headache to prove it!!!

Sounds like work is progressing well on the new house - bet it will be beautiful when you move in.

I'm not brave enough to let Em wander around our garden on her own - it's fairly large and by the time she's down the end I can't see or hear her and I get a bit worried!

Sounds like Boo and SC are really hitting it off - so nice!


Vicky said...

Ooh Babes it will be worth it...promise..!

try and have a lovely afternoon...and sending a mahooosive hug your way...Vicky xx

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Sounds like lots of work going on around there! At least it is tea bags you are finding. In the sates the work men consume large amounts of beer. Not comforting when you have lots of work to be done and power tools too! As for you.. that is different story! You can go to cordials or chocolate liqueurs which has both! :-)!

Mrs A. said...

No no I have right of passage on the alcohol at the moment. Preferably linked up to a drip will do me just fine. Luv Muver.

McCrafty's Cards said...

It will all be worth it in the end, I am pleased that there isn't any chainsaw activity going on lol ,and no injuries.
Kevin xx

catherine said...

Well it sounds like the house is coming along! They just thought you needed something to do that was different!! I know what you mean that quietness needs investigating especially where mine are concerned.
x catherine

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Phew, no chain saws at least! And there seems to be some progress with the house...soon the workmen will be out of the way. Sounds like Sweet Cheeks is having a good time.


Donna Mosley said...

Holy Moly Faye I'm knackered reading about it all hun. It will be worth it though. You definately need more alcohol and choklit too after all the hard work. Hope you have your feet up now hun.

Donna x

having a {me} day said...

OMG! This picture would give me a heart attack just looking at it! For sweet cheeks, you need to get a rein, for the teabags, you need a compost bin. See! I am your solution provider. LOL. keeleyxx