26 February 2012

Project Gut; Week Four Status Report

Morning All.

It's another quickie, as I'm still at the Hen Weekend, but I just wanted to show you the water tank thingy, currently under the stairs and no longer in the airing cupboard, waiting to be sold to the Scrap Copper Man.

I allowed myself a moment of excitement this week. We've had weeks of ripping things out of the new house now, and it felt like, even though there's so much going on, the end goal is soooooooooo far away. But this week, things have started going back in.
AND. We have heating! Whoop, whoop!

New Internal Doors Hung; 11
Tanks Removed: 2
Boilers Installed; 1
New Radiators Fitted; 8
Systems Flushed; 1
Satin Paint used; Un-specified
Matt Paint Bought; 20 Litres
Visits from various Trade Men; 5
Kitchens Delivered: 1
Neighbours met; 0
Injuries; 0
Average Daily Project Related Phone calls; 6
Average Vans parked outside: 3
Craft Projects Completed; 3
Blog Posts Written; 4
Choklit Consumed; Hello! I'm at a Hen Weekend, doesn't count?!

Oh, and before I go, the chain saw has arrived...


Donna said...

I'm exhausted just reading this Fluff lol! Great news you have turned the corner and things are finally being moved in instead of out...hope you're having a fab weekend :) Donna ♥ x

Jenny said...

I am very pleased with the injury count but I am really starting to worry about the lack of neighbours met. Do they not read your blog!!!! Silly people! I think that a big flashing sign is required "Faye is moving in" :)
jenny x

Unknown said...

Wow, When I first saw that picture, i was like a tank lol. Thanks for the update and get some rest......

Hugs Tammy

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Joey said...

Oh dear me, Chain saw and Faye????????? please let next weeks injuries still say 0 lmao. Glad its all going well hun. Joey xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

Oh NOOOOO Faye not the Chainsaw eeeeekkk. I was just reading down the list and saw Injuries 0 and thought good no one has let her loss with a chainsaw this week!! remember you need your hands including your fingers attached to your arms to be able to craft!! let someone else use it and stand well back !!!!!!!
Kevin xx

The Doc said...

My duty is done I have delivered the chainsaw at last. I have lost count of the number of injuries that tool has given me since I got it seven years ago. Or maybe it's because I can't count very high with the number of fingers left which is a bit of a problem for a doctor!

catherine said...

Hope your really enjoying yourself at the hen party. House coming along then
x catherine

Jane said...

Oh Good Grief! With the arrival of the chain-saw I'm dreading to see the Injury List next week!

coops said...

oh no.not the CHAINSAW!!!!!i was really hoping you had forgotten all about it.i feel really nervous just reading about it, thank goodness i can`t see it too.lol.
good luck hun, sounds like its all go at the mo ;D

xx coops xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

I always whizz through the list to the injuries part. Well done! And fabulous card too! Hugs, Lesley

Delphine said...

Heating... and a kitchen!!! YAY!!! BIG hugs Delphine xx

Mrs A. said...

Thank goodness 'The Doc' no longer has the chain saw. We haven't got that many trees left now. The magpies are building a huge nest in the remaining ones!!bHugs Muver.

SAMARA said...

THIS is hilarious!!!! xox