8 February 2012


Morning Muffins!

So. A few weeks ago, some of you noticed my reference to 'The Cat' and e-mailed to say you didn't know we have a cat. Well, we don't. But we do appear to have a cat living with us. This is Boo. (Trying to help me take a photo of a card, actually.)

Sometimes, Sweet Cheeks has a little snooze in the car and if I think he needs it, I'll leave him in the car, go inside for a magazine to read while I sit on the doorstep, until he wakes, or I wake him up.

One afternoon, a few weeks back, whilst reading a magazine on the doorstep, I heard a rather pitiful little miaow, and, Boo appeared. He came over and said hello, before going to have a look inside. There are quite a lot of cats in our neighbourhood, and it's not unusual for them to wander in, if we have a door open. And being a cat girl, I don't really mind.

Seven hours later, Boo was still inside! Even though it was raining, that night, and quite a few nights after, I put him out the front door when we went to bed. Only to find him, waiting desperately by the back door, in the morning, having been, very obviously, out all night.

So, we bought him some cat food, (well, you can't feed them honey roast ham and milk forever!) and we keep letting him out and he keeps coming back. Sweet Cheeks is delighted, Very Understanding Hubby likes that I am now completely outnumbered by boys and I have someone to keep my feet warm at night!

Before I hop off, I just want to thank you all for your lovely comments. Things are so hectic right now. The day is full of work at the new house and when the boys are safely tucked in bed, I'm in The Bat Cave, either making something or writing about making something. It's really nice to sit down for a few minutes and read all your comments, somewhere between phew, finished and starting next job! I'm sorry if I'm not stopping by so much at the moment, but I am trying to get round at least once a week. Sometimes the jelly bean juice just runs out too soon...


Jen Nelson said...

just wait until he wants to help make the card rather than just help you photograph it... I have 2 that think they can help...

jen xx

Milliesmarvels said...

Congratulations on being adopted by a cat :-) Boo is very cute.

Unknown said...

Oh boo is so cute. I think you have a new family member. Please enjoy all the new memories.

Hugs Tammy

Dörte said...

Congrats to your new cat. It's a real cutie. Wait until he want to help you with your cards.
Hugs Dörte

Margreet said...

Congrats on your new cat....she is adorable...your leading a hectic life...take care!
xxx Margreet

Unknown said...

Oooh, that is a beautiful cat!!! My youngest son is CRAZY about cats...but unfortunatly for him..mummy is highly allergic..or i used to be...have to go and visit some friends with cats soon and find out...*lol*
Good luck on re-doing and re-decorating and all other re- stuff! =) Hugs and sunshine!

Anita said...

Aww, Boo is adorble Faye! Hope things slow down for you soon :)

Feebsy said...

Oooh bless you Faye, you're a girl after my own heart I can't help but adopt cats that come near me and strangely one of my black kitties is nicknamed Boo. Your Boo is gorgeous, will you take him with you when you move?

Congrats on making the SOG DT, I missed it when you posted that.


Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Very cute! If you've named him, and fed him, he's yours! He looks like a sweetie! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Hope it is over and your settled in soon!

Sara I. said...

Awww, he's soo, soo cute! And just love his name, too!! Hoping things settle down for you soon -

coops said...

aw he is gorgeous and looks like he has really made himself at home :D

xx coops xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

If my own little furbaby was not sitting on the floor next to me meowing his little head off because he doesn't like the third dinner I put in his bowl today and hasn't eaten any of them, I would say you have him in your house. He looks just like mine, Fluff! And mine also just arrived one day 11 years ago and in spite of my repeated attempts to send him away, even buying a special tag for his collar and leaving a message in it for his owner - he is still here! Hugs, Lesley

catherine said...

If you didn't have a cat before - me thinks you have one now !!.
He must be very happy to keep coming back. He does look beautiful
x catherine

Unknown said...

Me again - ooooh isn't he just adorable! I take this is at the current, not new, house? So will you take him with you when you move?

Cats are great at adopting you aren't they and he sounds like he is firmly your new boy in the house.

We started off with 6 cats when we moved in here, unfortunately we lost a few over time and are now down to 2. One very old lady and a bonkers middle aged male - oh my swap that around and you've got me and hubby!!!

I'm going for sure now, before I convince you I'm a not 100% all there.

Night, night.


BrossArtAddiction said...

Oh Faye, that is so sweet of you to invite this poor and beautiful lost stray into your home and your heart! Good thing your hubs was understanding too! So wish I could have an adorable little pet to keep me company! I too am out numbered by boys! lol

xx Tracey xx

Shelly said...

Oh Faye, I love your story about Boo, and he is just so adorable!!! You really couldn't have left such a cutie out in the cold, obviously you had to let him in to get warm and then you had to buy some food, a litter tray, cat bed, cat tree.... hugs Shelly ;)

Jo said...

Beautiful Boo, awwwwwww! xx

Delphine said...

I can't believe I am that behind! So many posts in my "absence", how dare you LOL? Boo is gorgeous, he looks so at ease, well he is part of the family:-) BIG hugs Delphine xx

Cazza said...

Boo is utterly Bootiful!