30 January 2012

Fluffie + Bleach = ?!

Morning Custard Lovers!

If you're looking for my Cupcake post, it's under this one, and worth a sneak, because I cut in a straight line! Whoop, whoop.

So, Sweet Cheeks and I have been busy over at the new house this weekend. One of the first things I've wanted to do, is de-stink the conservatory/ dining room, (Darrrrrrlings!) which had a distinct Aroma De Chien! Sorry dog lovers, but it was a bit whiffy.

Anyhoo, the house is disconnected from the water mains at the moment, but undeterred, I armed myself with a mahoosive (litre) bottle of thick bleach, a scrubbing brush, and work commenced. After a few minutes of frantic scrubbing (and realising it was gonna take quite a while, due to the no water thing) I decided it would be best to occupy Sweet Cheeks with some cars in the main part of the house, as I was worried about him and the fumes, and then I shut myself in. Sometimes I forget I'm not invincible.

As you know, I've had a pesky cough, for so long, I can't actually remember how long I've had it, and violent spluttering attacks are triggered by things like a change in temperature, talking too much, sweet and sour vegetables and the colour orange.

About one third of the way into the conservatory, I had one of these attacks, so, popped a medicated cough sweet, kept in my pocket for such occasions. The little sweetie didn't really help, but as I was on a mission, I kept going, stopping every few minutes, because I needed to cough. I really couldn't understand why the sweet wasn't helping. But I was determined to finish what I had started. Not long after, my eyes started streaming. A lot of minutes later, I eventually finished the whole room, and fell into the garden, wretching. When I finally managed to catch my breath, I suddenly realised why I had been coughing so much, and, that I am, not, invincible. I'm telling you, things won't be boring with me around.

We've also been doing a spot of gardening. Jane, if you're reading this, brace yourself. Mummy and Daddy, if you're reading this, I made this bit up. I needed to remove a dead evergreen bush and didn't really have the right tools for the job. But having decided I was going to do it, I had to do it. Another day is not an option. Making it up as I go along, is. I had a pair of garden shears handy, so decided to cut through the trunk. Nope, not happening. So I squeezed them as tight as I could and kept whacking them. Nope, not happening. So. I squeezed them as tight as I could and then jumped on them. Result! Well, actually, three. First, the dead tree went flying, with me not too far behind. Second, Sweet Cheeks falling around laughing because Mummy fell in the mud. Three, I remembered my foot is still broken.

Don't try this at home kids...

All that's really left for me to tell you, is that there's a fab new Challenge over at Pollycraft Monday today. If you'd like to win stash from Crafty Emma's Store, you'll need to make something along the lines of Favourite Things. Have fun.

I would like to enter this card at:

Here Come The Boys - Dinosaurs
I Heart to Stamp - Fab Sketch

Stash Alert!
Papers: Echo Park Little Boy and My Minds Eye Fly a Kite
Image: Swings and Slides Lil Monster; Pollycraft Designs


Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

This is so gorgeous!! Really fantastic job with the colouring and layout.. he is adorable :)

debby4000 said...

Love your cute, gorgeous card.
That pesky cough sounds like you need to pop in to see the doc.

Vicky said...

Gorgeous card sweetie love the super sweet image.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Margo said...

First thing that came to mind as I saw your title ... dangerous, I'm not far off :)
Georgeous card by the way !

Joey said...

Aww Fluff this is gorgeous fabulous card! Thanks for the smiles this morning, hope said sweets try to help a little today lol, any excuse for a sweetie eh?! lol. Joey xx

Unknown said...

Hi Faye (again!) wonderful card, as always, so bright and cheerful. Love the papers.

Sounds like you are working hard! 'Fraid I can't help with that, not something I'm good at!

I'm going to let you in on a secret and pass on a sort of life motto (one of my mottos anyway, I have lots) - did you know there is more than one day in a week? That would be tomorrow and there is always another tomorrow and another and another - have a rest today and do it tomorrow!

Phew I've got to go lie down now, all this typing has really worn me out!


PS - You really want to try getting past the dragon lady (aka receptionist) at your Drs again - sounds like the cough needs sorting out!!

Grenouille Greetings said...

It's actually quite dangerous to bleach an unvented room, little Fluff. Just as dangerous as jumping on shears!!! DOOOOO be careful!!!
I am sure I always read all of your posts and I don't remember a broken foot one? Explain - young lady! And what about that cat? Big hugs sandwiched around a telling off for being so naughty! Lesley

Grenouille Greetings said...

And I forgot to mention during all that concern for your welfare - that you card is a cutie!

Margreet said...

Gorgeous card with wonderful coloring Faye...can imagine Sweet Cheeks was laughing out loudly! Poor you!
xxx Margreet

Heidi said...

Oh Faye, your antics sound like our families antics. if there is a strange way of doing something then we have probably done it too. Love it, especially the bit about sweetcheeks laughing, my lot do that, and then THINK about picking me up! Will is worse than me though he has actually plaster boarded himself out of reach of the ladder, had to call his cousin to rescue him hehe, he'll not forget that one in an hurry. Hugs to you and I do love your colourful card, Heidi x

catherine said...

Brilliant card and the image is fab. What are you like!!. Probably no different to the rest of us at the end of the day. If you set your mind to something your on a mission to finish.Hope your cough gets better soon. Have a good week but take it easy
x catherine

Jen Nelson said...

fab Faye... love these colours and the googly eyes


Jane said...

Oh heave n' wretch...can't stand bleach...vile stuff!!! Blur! Blur!
I'm looking to employ 'staff/slaves'...fancy a job...I like your style...no messing!!
How on earth you're still manging to knock out the ol' cards heaven knows...!
Who needs TV when we have you to entertain us for free!! x

Mary J said...

Just gorgeous Faye - love those papers with that sweetie!!!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Oh dear Faye, I am surprised you haven't ended up in the hospital, breathing in all that bleach and jumping on the shears,
Your card is absolutely gorgeous, I like this sweet image, the fab papers and all the stitching.
Kevin xx

cheryl said...

oh you sound as though you are working hard Hun,just take it easy if you can this is one stunning card Hun your colouring is amazing hugs Cherylxxxx

Misty's said...

Stunningly adorable card Faye! Those colours you used brightened up my day.
Michaela xx

Amanda R said...

They let you out of the house unsupervised and with a child? No wonder I live in the US! Snort! I probably would have done the same thing you did but would have tried to haul water with me, had to stomp on the brake for some reason and flooded the car. Good thing perhaps we don't live close together! Adore this card, you make the best boy cards ever. Good luck with your next endeavor!

Catherine said...

Gosh you made me laugh ! Can't wait to read your next adventures ! I love your card Sweetie ! Great layout and the colouring is stunning, as always ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

Babs said...

Thanks for the laughs this morning Faye. Always enjoy your stories, experiences, near disasters!! Love your card and your last one too.
Hope your cough goes away soon, if it's anything like the one I had, it takes a long time, it's been about 6 weeks, and once in a while it acts up again. Take care & have a super day,
Luv, Babs xo

Silli said...

FABULOUS girl, I love your coloring, love the funny image...xoxo

Susie Little said...

My Word what are you like, gassing and nigh on impaling yourself all in one day!! xx

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Gorgeous card - really faberoonie colouring.
Ha ha! I am the same - is there a word for the complete opposite of a procrastinator?#?
If I decide to do something I have to do it NOW!! I cannot wait for instructions or better weather, or a logical plan!
So.. good job on removing the bush ;-)
Caroline xxx

Delphine said...

Oh I love reading your adventures:-) BTW, is the cat on the left new... in honour if Boo??? I love your card, the colours are so beautiful! They would cheer anybody up:-)! And your image is adorable, great colouring too:-)! BIG hugs Delphine xx
PS: May jump into your inbox later:-)

jimlynn said...

Love how you did the scallop edging! Precious card!

coops said...

good grief woman,i`m surprised you didn`t knowck yourself out with all that neat bleach, in an enclosed space and as for the tree felling, thats what men are for.lol
love your card.fantastic bright colours and i love the sweet image ;D

xx coops xx

Mrs A. said...

Yes. Explain 'The Cat'!!!!!!!! Also everyone Iv'e seen the pictures of what is going on in fluffy world. Stay tuned. Muver.

having a {me} day said...

OMG! Was loving until I heard you have a broken foot! So not funny. Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead of you. But you must feel happy as you've made a bright & cheerful card, with lovely zingy colours. keeleyxx

Sheena said...

Oh you do get upto mischief don't you?!! Fab card, love those DPs, Sheena xx

Denise said...

This card is adorable. One of my fave images and such gorgeous papers.
Now onto the serious stuff.....you REALLY should get to the docs about that cough. It has gone on long enough!!! As for the bleach and shears....I'm saying nothing :0)
Take care of yourself lady.
Denise xx

trisha too said...

Super cute card, miss fluff and get wellsoon!


Jules said...

Hi Faye

Gosh .. how many hours do you have in your day.

All this work and gorgeous creations too!!!

Hope you get that cough sorted out!!

Love Jules xx

Sara I. said...

This is just the cutest! Lovin' that paper and twine!
On to my next comment - I see that Blogger isn't playing nice again by not updating me..arrggghhh!!

Shelly said...

Oh Fluff you are a silly billy! But I just love your card! Fabulous colouring and perfect paper!!! You are the messiah! Shelly x

Unknown said...

Awww this is sooo colourful, what a sweet image, and loove those papers. Hope that cough will leave you soon xxx

Sandra said...

Gosh Hunni Pie.... sounds like you're trying to be superwoman! Take good care of yourself.... you need to be in good health to look after sweet Cheeks.
Gorgeous colourful card :o)
Sandra x

Arabella said...

My goodness Fluff! You're going to die an early death if you carry on like that!!! Next time, try a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar as a non toxic odour removing and very effective cleaner.

Your card is gorgeous... you really do make the best boy cards.


Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

These images are so cute! Love the sketch and papers too! So sorry about the bleach and garden adventures. So glad you are safe. Hope your cough goes away soon. I am on my 2nd cold in a month. This one has the cough, so we will see if it hangs around like yours has. Hope you continue to get better.

Paddington fan said...

Such a lovely card, really cute image and great papers!! Thanks for joining our dinosaur challenge at HCTB this time and good luck in the prize draw. Hope to see you again soon, love Jacky HCTB DT

Cazza said...

Your tales do make me chuckle honey, hope your foot has recovered (and your eyes and lungs!!) As for your card, LOVE IT!! Perfect DP's and colouring, gorgeous work :o))