4 January 2012


Hey, hey, hey Flufferoonies!

Happy 2012. I hope it brings health and happiness to you and those you love.

The other day, Sweet Cheeks wanted to do some painting. He's quite into painting and sticking at the moment, which I think is fab. But it does require a certain amount of protective equipment! Anyway, on this occasion, I managed to persuade him to colour with crayons and then do some sticking, which requires a smaller Damage Limitation Zone. The lure of being allowed to be within a five mile radius of my glue gun, while it was on, was strong! These plate faces are what he made. There was more sticking in addition to this, but I'll save that for another day.

On a separate matter, can anyone tell me who's idea it was to create the evil that is a door frame? I mean, why in the name does it need to be there? Who put them there when I wasn't looking?

Yesterday afternoon, whilst happily faffing around barefoot in my bedroom, I happened to brush past a door frame. My little toe decided to go around the opposite side to the rest of my foot. The noise, was not dissimilar to the one you get when you take that first bite into a particularly juicy and crunchy apple. The foot in question is already suffering damage incured by the phenomenon known as Sugar Rush Sweet Cheeks Toddler Tornado. Today, I am hobbling around like a women three times my age. For medical purposes, I will have to spend the day in The Bat Cave. Oh well...


Lisa said...

Aww what FAB makes!! Hope your foot is on the mend soon.

Lisa x

Jo said...

Ouch!!! ooo you poor love, hope it gets better soon ((hugs)) xx

Fabby plate faces Sweet Cheeks *claps* xx

Tracey T said...

Well done SC and ouch! for you! You need the 3 Cs to make it better - cuddles, choklit and crafting xx

Mrs A. said...

So the 1st casulty of the year is in the Derby division. The Doc is writing his report up as we speak.
You did that once before with the bed post!!!
Hugs Muver .
Virtual xxxxxxx's to make it better.

Mrs A. said...

It's all in the genes you know!!

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Too Cute! He has your crafting gene! So sorry for your poor toe! My spot in our house is the fireplace ! I have broken at least three toes and so has my hubby! I agree a day crafting will definitely help. I think it will require extra chocolate though!

McCrafty's Cards said...

Super talented Sweet cheeks these are fabulous!! I hope your toes feels better soon.
Kevin xx

An Occasional Genius said...

How clever is Sweet Cheeks, these are fabulous!! Hope the toes get's better soon, keep taking the prescribed dosage of chocolate!! Hugs xx

Catherine said...

This is too cute Fluff ! Sweet Cheeks has obsiously your artistic genes ! Hope your foot will get better Sweetie ! Have some choccies to help the recovery ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

jimlynn said...

LOL! And just as cute as can be! You have a future craft partner I see! Love these and tell him he did a wonderful job!

Andria said...

Awww Sweet Cheeks has his mammy's talent :). Hope your toe is not broken and feels better soon as crfting is the known cure for injuries lol.

Vicky said...

Ooh Faye...I know how you feel hun...I have done that so many times myself..broken my wee toe..and I hate feet...lol...!

And sweet cheeks is very arty too...just like his mummy :o)

big hugs Vicky xx

Donna said...

Well, it's clear where Sweet Cheeks gets his artistic talent from, these little faces totally rock and they are so bright and cheerful, they've really cheered me up! Hope the toe settles down soon...sounds like a real !!ouch!! moment! :) Donna ♥ x

Ali said...


Mary J said...

Ouch! Poor honey - hope your toeis better soon!

What fab faces - he did a marvellous job!

Margreet said...

Sweet Cheeks deserves his own blog...this is a coming artist...sorry to hear about your toe...hope it settles down soon!
xxx Margreet

Delphine said...

Oh, you, no SC is so talented!!! I love those face plates! They really are fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing, I think I should try that with Clément! Sorry to hear about your toe and that you had to spend the day in the Bat Cave, how horrible:-)! Sending you BIG BIG hugs! Delphine xxx
PS: Wednesday is almost over:-(...

Fiona said...

sweet cheeks is obviously taking after his mother...well done Daniel..

I feel your pain with the toe...I have done the same several time bit not as bad as my si8ster in law...she dislocated hers on the door frame and had to go to A & E!!


Vicky said...

Hi sweetie how totally & utterley sweet are these he is certainly talented just like his mummy.
Hope the toe is ok shug, I've lost count how many times I've broken mine.....I normally fall around laughing my head off, hubster knows then its extremely painful lol, dont go hospital tho cus I cant stand peeps touching my feet....it grosses me out yuk!!!

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

coops said...

aw these are so cute.well done sweet cheeks and i hope your mummys foot is better soon.
no treading on it now :D

xx coops xx

Jane said...

C'Mon! We all know you're still on the festive sheer (drink for oldies!)...cease blamin' the lil' fella and the inventor of door frames. I attached a link for you into the history of the door-frame...enjoy! http://www.ehow.com/about_4600390_door-frames.html

MadeByKarla said...

Hope your foot gets better soon. that really hurts! I like the little plate faces. So cute!

Cazza said...

Happy New Year honey, here's wishing you and yours a fabulous 2012 :o)
Wow Sweet Cheeks certainly has a talent, his plates are fandabbydozzy!! What a clever boy, obviously has his Mums creative talent :o)
Owwwwwwww, I hope your poor toe is feeling better now?!

xxxtglxxx said...

Awww how cute! :) He can come and play with my glue gun - he might be able to get it to actually work! :) lol.

I hate stubbing my feet or banging them, dropping something on them or treading on plugs etc - the screams I emit are deafening and nothing on earth makes me scream as loud as when I hurt my footsies! ;)

Wishing you a fabulous new year!



Unknown said...

Hi Faye, Sweet Cheeks is a budding artist for sure. Do you think mummy should create a watermark to say 'created by Sweet Cheeks'!? As I'm sure we will see more of his great work and you've got to give credit where it's due.

You made me cringe with the toe story! Friend (one of the few!) of mine broke her toe and didn't even realise it - Dr told her she had arthritis. Was only when she went to have an x-ray they discovered it was broke!

Hope it's getting better, and had you had a tipple or two - were there two doorframes???


Emma Digennaro said...

Only you could make potentially breaking your toe so funny!!! lol on a serious note i hope its better today?
oh and i love the use of those buttons on sweet Cheeks master pieces, he defiantly has creativity but im wondering where he stuck the rest of the stuff?!take care hunny
emma x

Hazel said...

Hiya Faye

Ouch Ouch - nasty door frame - hope your foot is better soon!

I have a problem with door handles and the back of my arms - they are just attracted to each other!

I lurve these pretty decorated plates - they are fab.

Take care

Hazel xx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Hi there , I have often question the door frame myself having broken my little toe on the same foot three time s !!! I do believe it alters its position in order to catch me out ! Hope you will be back to your normal age soon ! Sweet cheeks definitely shows a lot of potential especially colour co-ordination stunning stuff !


Amanda R said...

Sweet Cheeks did an awesome job! I hope your toe is feeling better too. Darn door jams are so wicked mean!