13 July 2011

Scheduled Post Shocker!

Morning Fluffers!

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. I'm not a morning person. This is mainly due to the fact that that I stay in The Bat Cave until way past Stoopid O'Clock each night. And also, because while all you normal folk have your deepest sleep about 3am, I swim against the tide and have mine around about 6am. I'm telling you, I'm not for waking at that time of the day.

You'll notice that most of my posts go live fairly early on (I said early on, not early!) in the morning. This causes something of a conflict as I like to wake gently, with a cup of tea (in the pink cupcake mug) presented to me, about 15 minutes before I have to think about lifting my Little Princess head off of my nicely fluffy feather pillow! :)

To allow for this procedure to happen, (and bad things happen if my routine is messed up... We just watched a police programme and these people got arrested about 6am in their beds. No, no, no. Police, if you want to bust me, I need written notice and time to do my hair.) and the fact that at that point of the day, Sweet Cheeks claims he hasn't been fed for three years and if it ain't nailed down, will eat it, I schedule my posts!

Now, where was I going with this? Oh yes, so, although you are reading this tomorrow, I'm writing this tonight. (Paradox? Not really, I'm in FayeWorld and we all know about that time difference!) Today, which is your yesterday, I've had a very, very intensive day of highly testosterone fuelled Toddler Taming, and I'm sitting here, running a temperature, my body aches like I have the flu and my brain aches like I've just watched five hours of Cbeebies! Please tell me one of us in going to break soon. And that it won't be me?! ;)

So, Wednesday morning, in all Universes, means time for a new Challenge over at MMCS Challenges, which this week, is sponsored by MMCS. (You have to check out the scrummy new stock over there. Baggage Control is getting a major spankage right now!) We'd like to see Pearls and Swirls. Hop on over for all the details and to have a peek at the faberoony creations from the rest of the DT...

I'm off to nibble on a slightly warmed croissant with apricot jam, served to me by semi naked man candy. Now, was that last night, or this morning?! ;)

Cardstock: Bazill
Papers: Pink Petticoat
Tools: CC Designs Butterfly Die, Nesties
Other: Pearls and Wire from stash


Catherine said...

Gosh, can't think of a better way to start the day Fluff ! Reading your posts is always such a pleasure Sweetie ! I love your card... Very elegnat and chic... Have a great day Sweetie ! Hugs and love from Catherine

Christine said...

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, Faye! Hope that fever breaks soon, instead of your sanity :)

Have a good day, I'm heading off to bed (since it's 2:15 AM! LOL) now that I've finished scheduling my own post :)

Unknown said...

lol.. oh and I could have all this to look forward to soon lol...

I adore this card Fluff. It is so pretty xxx

Hope today is better xx

Unknown said...

Thank you dear for this post!!! *lol* I just LOVED it, your card is super sweet...But your way of writing things...So princess fluffster...wake up gently!! In the end, the mom wins...they always do...ha ha haaaa...Even if it does take time....sometimes years!!! I think my soon to 18 year old is finally realising that!!!

Unknown said...

Bummer, forgot to write, that i'm wishing you a speedy recovery!! take care, rest during the day, enjoy lots of cupcakes and tea, during night time...it's the bat cave...Doc's orders...*lol*

Sonia said...

Hi Faye
Lovely Card! the butterfly details is so pretty.

Mrs A. said...

This is pink and its got butterflies(well ok one butterfly, could look like 2 after a little drinkie poo) so is it for me!!!!!
Luv Muver.
p.s. Thinking of starting up a Wormery since I got so many!

Denise said...

Oh Faye I just love reading your posts - they really have me ROFL!! Beautiful card - very classy.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Denise xx

Tracey T said...

What a perfect CAS card! Mind you, I also rather like the thought of the croissant-man candy combo... Feel for you re. the toddler taming - been there - but it does pass. It SO had to be a woman who invented red wine and chocolate. xx

Ali said...

Aah lovely, hope you're feeling better missus xx

jimlynn said...

Sorry you're not feeling well but this card is just lovely! Wonderful use of all the pretty pearls.

Margo said...

Hi Faye,
I can tell you for sure that things will go for the better when sweet cheecks grows older, reading about your day makes me think back on when my kids where smaller (they are 7 and 9 now)I remember the hectic days, nights with no sleep at all, ... but it all happened long time ago !
It's approx 14:30 in the afternoon on wednesday, I have worked this morning and the small one is upstairs playing on the V-Smile and the big one is watching DVD's as it's raining, and I have time to relax and blog a little ! Trust me, better times are coming !
In the meanwhile, hang on there !
I love your card, makes me think of cookies ...

Cazza said...

Lol, you crack me up!! I hope you're feeling better now honey (time check - 13/07/2011 15:03!). All that jumping around between yesterday and today and I feel like Dr Who! But I digress, your card hon totally, totally rocks! Soooo wish I could do this style but I just can't so thank you for sharing and making it look so easy, I'm drooling, lol!
Big Hugs,

Sue said...

fabulous card Faye...simply stunning :)


Jane said...

Semi-naked man candy ay! Faint!

Val said...

i can relate to some of that Faye, I do some of my best crafting in the middle of the night!

Hope you are keeping well.


Wishcraft said...

Fab card Faye, what a gorgeous butterfly... might need that die I think! Lisa x

Claire said...

LOL you do make me laugh! Super CAS card - love it. Hugs, Claire x

Sara I. said...

LOL - I almost died laughing at this one!!! Not the card, the post ;) Quite the gorgeous CAS card - love the scallop border and the fabulous string of pearls. Beautiful job!

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

You are too funny! You crack me up! Hope today was a better day for you! You card is very pretty! The butterflies and pearls are perfect!

Donna said...

Totally gorge card hun and such pretty papers...hope all is quiet in Faye world around 6am tomorrow...wouldn't want to be the one to wake you up lol! :) Donna x

Babs said...

You are hilarious...I don't know how you come up with it. One of the reasons why I became a follower ~ besides your fab cards ~ is your funny posts. I really enjoy reading them. Thanks a bunch Faye.
Luv, Babs

Davi said...

AHH dear Faye I too am a night owl can totally relate :) Hope you are feeling better soon! Love the card...the butterfly is beautiful and the perfect pearl trail!

Grenouille Greetings said...

That doppleganger is back! Don't worry about your sweet cheeks battles - they only go on for another 11 months at this level and then things calm down to mere hysteria for the next 25 years! Hugs, Lesley