6 April 2011

WOYWDW - The Bat Cave

A couple of weeks ago, I had a good unpack and sort in the Bat Cave. This is what it looked like when I finished. The Bat Cave doesn't look like this now. My desk now houses; two chaotic piles of papers, a bundle of stash, finished and half finished projects, a mahoosive list of cards I still a) should have made about three weeks ago, b) need to have made yesterday and c) should try and make today, along with a good sprinkling of Sweet Cheeks cars! He likes to play in there and drive his cars around the obstacle course on the desk. Considering how OCD I am about other things in my life, it continues to surprise me that the only room in the house that's really 'mine' is so, erm, busy! ;) Maybe it's a reflection of my Fluffie little brain...
Since the clocks went forward, Sweet Cheeks sleep has been a bit disrupted and he has been waking up earlier than Mummy and Daddy consider to be Decent O'Clock. I've been encouraging him to play in his room until Daddy thinks it's time to get up. (Mummy doesn't normally get up at this point, due to the fact that she only finished playing in the bat cave a few hours before!)

Sweet Cheeks is starting to get it and was duly playing with his toys this morning. I've also been encouraging him to ask for help if he can't do something, instead of having a paddy, so I was pleased when he came in to ask for help to open his tool kit. Very Understanding Hubby was not best pleased when Sweet Cheeks started hammering beside the bed, so Mummy suggested he might like to play in his bedroom. Sweet Cheeks took himself back to his bedroom, and I was so proud of him. It was quiet. Luuuurverly. I had to laugh when he started playing the drums...!

Anyway, visit The Stamping Ground if you fancy seeing some more desks. Oh and at Cupcake, we're currently running a Choose the Challenge Competition, hop over there for more details.

Have a great Wednesday. It is Wednesday today isn't it?!


Fiona said...

Would have loved to see the after picture as well as the before

Poppit said...

hee hee, someone else that says 'mahoosive'! Yeah, good luck with that little project!!! Loving the bat cave...although even if you hadn't told us what it REALLY looked like, I wouldn't have believed how tidy it is!!! xx

Mrs A. said...

I turned my pc on this morning and now I have a very bad headache. You need some big flowers on them those walls. 3 should do it I think!!!
Luv Muver #67

Lindsey said...

Well I am liking the Bat Cave! Is this one up from a snug?
Bless Sweet Cheeks, what a dude!
Linds x

Debbie said...

Oh Fluffy, are you sure you actually use this Bat Cave!!
If you saw my Craftroom you would have a fit, it's SOooooooooo messy. I keep cleaning it up and it looks lovely, then I get out a project and mess it all up again. I cleaned it last weekned and hubby came in and said "oh it's lovely" then thirty minutes later he said "what the H*** went off in here!
Oh hec...

Margo said...

Hi Faye,
I love the bat cave, and it's true that it gets easier when the kids get a little bigger so they can play on their own in their room !
I love that moment too :)

Victoria said...

oooh nice space Mrs Fluff! I also sometimes get small invaders with cars in to my room of craft. I end up plying them with papers, pens, stickers and stamps etc and getting nothing done myself in my attempt to keep them stamping on the paper not the floor. Never had them both venture in at the same time though - that would be my idea of hell!

Still feelings pants - are you free friday? Or shall we pick a day next week?


oneoff said...

Dadada dadada dadada dadada BATCAVE!

It's gorgeous; I want to move in and work.

Nice work getting Sweetcheeks to go and play in his room first thing! Loving his choice of early morning restful toys...


Unknown said...

First of all..I THINK it's wednesday..*lol* My room is still way too tidy.... Man, i can't craft witout my creative chaos...So time to pile up papers & stash!!!
But you do know that A) Pile of papers is a must! B) Stash..has to be out, so youknow what you HAVE to buy next. C) Unfinnesheed and finnished projects are good to have...for...erhhmm..Inspiration!!!
My boys have too noticed the clock... But play in there room?? The two of them? Oh no!!!! They rather let the puppy out, or wash their faces in the toilet...So i just have to happyly wake up with them...*growling*...Boy...I wroye a novel!!!
Hughs & Sunshine!

Sarah said...

What a gloriously clean and big desk - just great - time to get it messy!
Thanks for sharing your space today. Have a fab week...
Sarah (sasa at 2)

Tracey T said...

I love the idea of SC hammering by the bed but it perhaps wasn't so funny for hubby! Very envious of your Bat Cave - tidy or untidy, I would quite like one! Hugs, Tracey xx

Jo said...

I wanna move in with you! love the bat cave ;)

Anonymous said...

Great desk, can't believe how tidy it is. Sounds like you're having fun with the toddler!

Brenda 98

Caroline Hallett said...

What a tidy little bat cave you have... Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

Karen said...

What a fabulous big, clean and tidy desk - just waiting to get messy with all your crafty projects!!
Have a lovely WOYWW,
Karen #107

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

Love your space Faye! I'm like you. OCD with the rest of the house but not with my room. I have stuff everywhere! I do not post it when it is like that. Only a little chaos, not total chaos like it is now. Because of you I now find myself telling my hubby "Back to the Bat Cave"! It is very funny to me (Because I don't have kids) that they love to play with very loud toys early in the morning!

Delphine said...

The Bat Cave looks fab, Faye... and so tidy!!! But reading your post reassured me:-)... One big question, is it "Cupcake" that I can spot under the desk:-)...? BIG hugs Delphine xxx

Val said...

Ooooooh! That is very smart. And so tidy!!


Daniele said...

looks too tidy to me, I used to be a clean freak and then I discovered paper crafting now I've been known not to put the cleaner on......I think I've been cured, lol
I love the thought of sweet cheeks banging away on his drum just as you wanted to turn over and grab 40 winks

okienurse said...

Love the bat cave and I am glad to hear it has become a little more creative over the week. Had to chuckle with the hammer and drums portions. I gave my grandaughter a xylophone for Christmas...payback are hell! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

having a {me} day said...

LOL! This is sooo funny!! I particularly like the bit where your son wakes you up only hours after you having played in your bat cave!! Tooo funny and I can totally relate. And the drums .... Woohooo!! Thank you for the laugh you give. You get what you give in this world. keeleyxx

having a {me} day said...

PS Forgot to say, I can't believe how awesomely tidy your bat cave is. Even when I tidy mine, it still looks a mess! keeleyxx

Do What You Love said...

Aww...what a lovely bat cave, all neat and tidy; everything in it's place. What more could a girl ask for? It really look so serene and the window is there so that you can have that wonderful bit of sunshine. No wonder Sweet Cheeks likes to play there - it's a FUN place, dearest! :)

Loraine Arderne said...

Oh Faye, what a beautifull craft are you have. No way does it look like a bat cave but if you're in there all night creating, I can understand the name.

An Occasional Genius said...

Here's the conversation I just had with my little cherub looking at your bat cave:

LC: Oooh I could live there.
ME: Yes, it's very nice isn't it?
LC: (points to texture boutique) Is that a Cricut?
ME: No darling, it'a a texture boutique.
LC: It's really cool cos it looks like a handbag.
ME: Yes it does.....Interruption occurs
LC: She must be really rich if she's got one of those!!!!

Lol, I have no idea what goes through her brain but the Bat Cave gets approval from both of us & nice to know I have rich friends!!! You won't be laughing any more when SC is a world famous rock star & keeping you in the stash to which you have become accustomed , bless him.

Big hugs xxx

Donna said...

Hmmm...your desk does look a bit too tidy...deffo needs scruffing up a bit lol! Great news about Firefox...so pleased it worked for you :) Donna x

HappyCrafter said...

It looks like a great workstation--but if this is the before picture where's the after one LOL!
It sounds like you are settling in, take care :-)

Wendy Ramlakhan said...

The bat cave looks like an awesome workstation, I'm jealous of all the room you have.

Oh Sweet Cheeks is just too sweet!! Bless his little drum playing heart!! ROTFL!! :)