10 March 2011

I'm Funky busy!

Hi Fluffers!

I know, I know, I'm not around much (aka at all) this week, sorry. I've been a bit head down with some things that I can't show you yet! I've been getting all inky in the Bat Cave (new name for craft snug, so called because it comes alive late at night!) and loving it, but I really should have unpacked before I started at it. It's a bit of a pain crafting like this. So, at some point between now and my next crafting session, I must try and get things in a logical order to enhance my midnight experiences! (Like that's really gonna happen!)

There's a lovely giveaway over at Rainbow Studios at the moment, pop over and take a look if you want to be in with a chance of winning some cute stamps.

We're going on holiday soon and I should really start thinking about that, but you know how last minute I am. Skin of my pants is my middle name! Along with do I need to panic yet?

Anyway, here's a little Funky sneaky peeky of what I've been up to...


Ali said...

Lol ooh are you off anywhere nice??? Like the sneaky pic !!

Donna said...

I'm intrigued! Look forward to seeing your makes x

Jane said...

You may need to think about an alternative name for your craft room...A Bat in a Cave is Kids speak for..."You have a boogy up your nose"..."bat in the cave!" You have all this to come when SC starts skool xxx

Stacey G.-2 Craf-t-4u said...

That is torture to me! I know the whole thing is there but I can't see it!! I am terrible when someone says "I know secret but I can't tell you." or " I have a present but I can't tell you what it is!" Ok I'll be patient and wait for the whole card to appear! Hope you get you cave the way you want it.

Debbie said...

n n n n n n n n n n n BAT CAVE!!
Sorry couldn't help it. Dx

Suzie Q said...

Hi my fluffy fluffer!!
know what you mean about last minute we leave 4am tomorrow and im doing this instead of packing waaaagh!
c u when i back
miss ya
lil fruit and nut x
did laugh at Debbies comment!! x

Unknown said...

Am loving it..bat cave lol.. ohh and sneaky peek is back...yaya!!!!!

cheryl said...

oh cant wait to see the full version hun,bat cave love it,hugs cheryl xxx

Jill said...

Hi Faye hope you are settling in even if things aren't unpacked yet! Looks like production is up and running in the Bat Cave! Jill x

Unknown said...

Hmm..Not fair!! *lol* I want to see the hole thing!! =)
Batcave?! ha ha haaa...Sounds like my place.. So, time for vacation soon? Sounds like fun! What are your plans? here, when we go on vacation..i need a vacation after my vacation!!! *lol* Have a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Hia Faye - wow you are a busy lady. Can't say thanks enough for popping a link on your blog - We think your fab!
You've been added to our draw!
Take care
Angela and Rachel of
Rainbow Studio's Clear Craft stamps

Mrs A. said...

I know a secret but not telling you yet! I have a present but your not getting it yet!
Go pack your bags and don't forget Sweet Cheeks. The Doc is in full throttle project manager mode here at villa cobwebs. The coffee is packed so are the drinkys.

Delphine said...

Lovely sneak peek... I wonder when we will see the whole project mmmmm..., but I can already say I love the colours:-)! BIG hugs, Delphine xx