8 January 2017

Best Buds

Hi Everyone :)

Yesterday I had a bit of a play around afternoon with my camera and light box. It suddenly occurred to me that the light box originally came with a little tripod, probably for a reason, but ssssh, no one likes being told what to do, right?

So, firstly I set about finding the tripod. Next, I figured out how to attach the tripod to the camera. Let's not forget Very Understanding Hubby has banned me from any unsupervised DIY Projects and the use of all power tools. Sssh, he was out, he'll never know. *gently placing foot over burn mark on the carpet...* Anyway. 

Then came working out how to make the tripod 'be' where I wanted it to be so 'it' took the photo 'I' wanted. Much twisting, tweaking and moving ensued, until I realised two things. One. I needed a suitable model to sit in the light box. (Oh yeah, now we're cooking on gas!) Two. It would be easier to move the 'model', rather than the camera set up. Remember the floating angels throwing glitter and confetti? They made a reappearance. Seriously, there were light bulbs pinging all over the place as I remembered a card I made the other day with some new pencils my Mum and Dad got me for Christmas and hadn't taken photos of yet. Couldn't have planned it better.

And here it is. One card coloured with new pencils (because I absolutely did not colour with them before Christmas. Ahem!) and goodies from Dies to Die For, photographed in the light box, by the camera on a tripod. I'm off for a drink. Coconut Water anyone?

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils
Paper Smooches Best Buds Stamp Set
Lawn Fawn Scripty Thanks Die

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.  


Tracey T said...

Gorgeous, Faye. Are the new pencils similar to Prismas? xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful card as usual Faye and love the pencil colouring on the kraft card. I've been sorting through mum's stuff and I found a full set of 72 Inktense pencils which I am looking forward to trying out when I get time.

Lisa Lara said...

Oh this is so sweet on kraft Faye girl.

Margo said...

Beautiful card and your lightbox is obviously a lot better than mine ! I by the way have tripod with it too, but I am too scared to try to attach my camera to it, I think I'm the one in a million person where it would fall of and the camera would definatly end on the ground ... And I somehow think my hubby is not THAT understanding :) LOL
(Coconut water anytime :) )

Mrs A. said...

Coconut water who are you kidding! Love the flowers in the pot on Kraft card coloured afterwards. Hugs Muver