5 May 2016

Biker Girl

Hey Peeps :)

It's been a fun few days. And yes, that statement is laced with irony and sarcasm. What's been happening? Well, let me tell you...

I had a dental check up on Tuesday morning. Even though my Dentist looks like Daniel Craig, going to the Dentist is still not on my list of Most Favouritest Things To Do. Imagine my delight, on arriving ten minutes early for the appointment I thought I had, to be told, in fact my appointment was not for another hour and a half. Oh joy of joys, I got to go away, and come back. All. Over. Again. Whoppee is not the expression that sprang to mind.

But wait, there's more. No Internet at home for four days. Four. Days. No. Internet. And just to clarify the seriousness of that second issue, let me again say. No. Internet. Four. Days. Sheesh, I'm feeling dizzy just talking about it.

So, while I hug all my recently reconnected electronic devices to my chest, you can have a peeky at all the luuuuurvely cards over at the new Make it Clean and Simple Challenge... Summer. Biker Girl here makes me think of getting out on my own bike. Maybe later, after I have been surgically detached from the new Router...    

Copics Used... 
Skin;  E0000, E000, R00, R11, E04
Hair/ Tyres; T3, T5, T7
Light; BG70, B91
Silver; C1, C3
Pink; RV91, R81, R83, R85
Turquoise; BG10, BG53, BG57
Red; R35, R37, R39, T5

Make it Colour Blending Card from Marker Geek  
Make it Crafty Biker Girl Digi Stamp 
My Favourite Things Spotlight Sentiments Stamp Set  

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.  


Debra K. said...

Fantastic card Faye! Four days without the internet, it's a wonder you're not a gibbering wreak :D. I wouldn't mind having Daniel Craig for my dentist though. Debra x

Christine L said...

Oh you do make me smile with your tales of woe! LOL! Sounds like you didn't need much done at the dentist which is the plus side... (well the plus alongside Mr Craig's lookalike..), and I'm so glad you're now reconnected - although that gives me pics in my head of your hair standing on end while your hand is in the socket!!

And now what I'm here for....... your fabulous card!! Of course, I love it... and isn't that sentiment strip perfect for a CAS card!

Big hugs
Christine x

Amanda said...

That made me giggle, my internet was off for four hours and my house has never been so clean, no wonder there is always a layer of dust there are blogs to read, videos to watch, stuff to buy lol. Hugs, Amanda x

Annette said...

I'm sorry sweetie, but I really giggled at this. Mostly because I would be exactly the same about both issues. Glad that you're back online again now, and can share your beautiful card. Fab colouring, as always. xxxx