18 May 2013

Going Buggy

 Hey Fluffers :)

Saturday morning means time for a new Sketch from The Sweet Stop, (love this one) and as it's the third Saturday of the month, it's a Sketch with a twist. What's the twist? Going Buggy. Simples. I've not gone too mad with it, (just rotated and then also rotated the centre panels,) because crafting is still a complete struggle at the moment. But I was determined to finish this card, as it's for a good friend's birthday. I expect she'll tell me off for making it... La, la, la, la, la, la, can't hear you! ;)

 If you know me on Facebook, you'll know I went to see the Doctor on Thursday. She gave me some superdoop strong tablets to take. You know the kind, you could sell them on a street corner for a significant profit. I'm only allowed one a day, and it has to be last thing at night. Are they helping? Not yet. But, I am sleeping better than I have for years. And. If you came to my house and took my CDs out of alphabetical order... Am I boverred?! Peeeeeeeeeeace, Man! 



Cathymac said...

Darling image and phenomenal coloring as always, Faye! Your friend will LUV it! Doctor visits are a real bummer...am I dating myself! Any way hope you're feeling better soon! Hugs!

Suzie Q said...

sorry to hear you not feeling so good x
neck ache from colouring - my diagnosis! lolx
hope you get better soon
lovely creations of late such a joy to visit x
hugs lil fruit and nut x

Janice said...

A great image and a lovely card, Jx

scrapsnsuch@gmail.com said...

What a cutie! So glad you finally went...not so sure about the drugs though ;>) Massage therapist?

Claire said...

Love it Faye, what a great image and bright papers. Hugs, Claire x

Sue said...

Hi Faye
Your card is gorgeous. I love that image, fabulous colouring and beautiful papers.
I am pleased that you finally went to the doctors. I hope you are feeling better soon
Take care and I hope you have a lovely weekend
hugs Sue x

Tracey T said...

You mean the Doc hasn't prescribed any White Lightning? Things must be bad! So sorry to hear you're still not feeling your usual self. Lovin' the card, sweetie - those wee bugs are super cute. Have you got one of those heat pads you put in the microwave? I find them quite good for taking the edge off if the old bones are giving me grief. Wishing you better very soon xxx

Debbie said...

hi fluffy
Glad you went to see the Doc, hope the drugs work!
Did you try the Arnica Gel? I only ask 'cos i have used it for about a year now and it's great, my Mum was amazed at how much better it made her shoulder and neck feel.
Beautiful card and I love that image.

Debbie said...

hi fluffy
Glad you went to see the Doc, hope the drugs work!
Did you try the Arnica Gel? I only ask 'cos i have used it for about a year now and it's great, my Mum was amazed at how much better it made her shoulder and neck feel.
Beautiful card and I love that image.

Lorraine said...

Gorgeous card FAye. The little bees are so sweet!
Hope you're feeling better soon.
Have a lovely weekend
Lorraine x

marion said...

stunning colouring and such a sweet card, have a lovely weekend my dear friend, xxx, hugs, Marion

Catherine said...

Oh Sweetie I am in love with your little bees ! They are sooooo cute and fluffy ! Well, they look fluffy to me anyway !
I do hope you will feel better soon Fluff... At least you can get a good night of sleep... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

lenny said...

How sweet!!!
AWESOME coloring! Great take on that sketch!
I hope the meds will help!!
Hope you're feeling better soon!!
Have a great weekend, Faye!!

Donna said...

Oooh Oooh, I love this card and I can honestly say it is even more beautiful IRL. This photo doesn't do justince to your a-mazing colouring and I am deffo going to have to learn how to do those doodled borders. Not cross with you for making it but need to know you aren't overdoing things...you MUST look after yourself...sending you loads of hugs and stuff :) Donna ♥ x

Monika/Buzsy said...

What a darling card Fayle. Those bugs are the cutest! Love the coloring as usual... the sparkly wings look perfect. Sorry to hear that you finally had to get medication! Take it easy! Have you tried going to a chiropractor? Sometimes they do wonders!

Cynthia said...

What an adorable image, Faye! Your coloring is super fabulous. Hope you are feeling better soon!

PS> Your take on last week's sketch was fabulous, but I was unable to link to it for a comment. :)

Misty's said...

Super sweet card,Faye. Loving the image...sooooo adorable and coloured in gorgeously as usual, that cupcake is good enough to eat! Loving the papers you used as well.
I am glad that you have been to see your doctor and got some medications to ease your pain. I wonder what they prescribed you Co-codamol, tramadol!? I hope they do the trick for you and there are no side effects!
Michaela xx

Unknown said...

Such a cute card Faye, how are you doing sweetie? Everything allright on the LMM front? I'm seeing so many lovely new releases. Will have to come and do some shopping soon! Hugs Frea

Amanda R said...

Well, I am glad you got in and she gave you some meds but hope they start to work better soon. Love your card and that sketch is awesome, might have to add that to my stash!

Anonymous said...

Lol, could do with some of those tablets Faye! Glad they're helping you sleep better at least.

Love this! Such a cute image.

coops said...

so stunning faye.gorgeous colours and I love the sweet image.
I hope you are feeling better soon hun.

xx coops xx

An Occasional Genius said...

Well I do think everything feels better after a good night's sleep! Hopefully they'll take the pain away soon though. Lovin' the card xx

Carla S. said...

Your card is adorable, Faye! Great design with the cute images! Hope the meds help with the pain soon, but nothing wrong with a great night's sleep! Feel better!

Indy's Designs said...

This is darling! Your friend will love it! Hope you get feeling better really soon!

Pia S said...

This is so cute and colorful! It's such a great birthday image, and the doodled lines are a nice touch!

Lou said...

Hi! really hope you feel better soon Faye,a bit of warm sun might help :) such a sweet card,gorgeous colouring too.
Hope you have a lovely Sunday,hugs Lou.xxx

Cazza said...

Well done you for making a card, this is fab, amazing colour work! Glad the pills are helping.....if only with sleep at the moment!

Stephanie said...

Oh you sneaky girl, you flipped the sketch... Beautiful, beautiful card!

Elaine said...

Love your card...tooo sweet!!!

I'm beginning to wonder if this crafting lark is bad for my health (as well as my bank balance!) There's at least 3 people that have bad necks/shoulders I've heard of recently. I hope you start to feel better soon...and I'm jealous you got some sooper-dooper strong drugs! I think I need ketamine!

Big hugs
Elaine xx

Wishcraft said...

Super cute and very gorgeous indeed hun! Hope you're starting to feel better now xx Hugs, Lisa x

Dawn said...

It is sweet and beautiful Faye. I hope those pills are finally working their magic and you are feeling better.

Hugs, Dawn

debby4000 said...

Soooooo cute.

Shelly said...

Is it so long since I blogged, so sweet this card xx

Jo said...

I think i'm in love with this cutie. xx

Robin Parker said...

Faye, these little bubble bees are the cutest I have ever seen. Love the coloring on your birthday cupcake as well.