Bee Mine Step by Step

Hey Peeps :)

I thought it might be fun to colour this cute little bear. I love that he is trying to be a bumblebee! The adorable image is Stamping Bella Bee Mine.

I'm heavy on the photo's today, as I thought you might like to see the stamp coloured, step by step...

Firstly, I lay down some E42. This colour will actually be the medium colour. I apply this first to give the darker colour something to sit on. I add the colour with a dabbing motion, I don't want the blend to be smooth. By laying down a lighter colour first, quickly, it is still wet when I add the second colour. The second colour smooshes out a little, which gives a softer texture.




 Repeat to add more dimension and texture. Add W3 under the nose as a cast shadow

 Use E04 and R30 for the inside of the ears with W3 for cast shadows

 Start on the nose and paw pads with N9. I want a smooth blend this time



 I am going to work on the yellow bee stripes next, again with a dabbing motion so the end result looks textured and furry. I start with Y17


 Y04. Repeat with Y17, Y15 and Y04

 Moving onto the black bee stripes, starting with N9



 I will colour the wings next, firstly using B41


 This just leaves the heart, which I will colour smoothly, starting with R39



 Add cast shadow throughout with W5

To finish I have used some White Gel Pen on the nose, the eyes and I've highlighted the writing on the box. Of course no cute teddy bee is complete without glitter on his wings! 

Copics Used...
Fur; E41, E42, E43, W3
Ears; R30, E04, W3
Wings; B41, BG70
Yellow; Y04, Y15, Y17
Black; N5, N7, N9
Cast Shadow; W5

I hope you enjoyed seeing this image come to life :)

Thanks so much for stopping by... Have a great day.

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