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Clair Matthews; July 2016

Ruth Andrews; February 2017

Ruth Andrews; September 2017

Ruth Andrews; September 2018

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Sue said...

Anyone who even has half a thought that they might go to one of Faye's Copic workshops should definitely sign up! I promise you will not be disappointed. Faye is a brilliant and patient tutor and takes enormous pride in equipping everyone with the right tools and skills to colour successfully with Copics.

Honestly - Faye is a marvel, she plans the sessions carefully and thoroughly to make sure you get the best from them.

I would nt hesitate to recommend the classes - I started my Copic adventure with Faye in 2015 and I completed my Copic Certification under her tutorage in 2016 - it has been worth every mile and every penny!

Big thank you Faye my lovely friend.

Sending love and best wishes for a very successful teaching future for you - I will continue to support you and tell the world how fabulous you <3 <3 <3

Marianne's Craftroom said...

Whether you are new to Copics or pretty experienced in using them I highly recommend Faye's courses. I love colouring and felt my colouring was good but not in Faye's league. I wanted to improve my skills and had been longing for Faye to come to Norfolk so I could attend her classes. I learnt so much. Faye is so well organised with her classes, so patient and encouraging. When someobody said they had coloured something and it was rubbish she didin't accept that and showed them how to improve it. She explains everything so well and makes it such fun to learn. I did Copic one and two, skin, hair and fold classes and was so glad I signed up for all of them. I can't wait to do three and four now. I have coloured some images since I did the classes at the weekend and can see such an improvement already. If you are debating whether or not to do them, then stop debating and sign up. You will love it and will learn so much. Worth every penny. After all Copics are a serious investment so attending the classes will improve your skills so much and make you love colouring even more.

Thank you so much Faye xx

Chrissie said...

I was on the same course as Marianne, in fact I think I was the one who said my colouring was rubbish!
I had never used Copics, but prior to the course Faye made me some colour charts for the pens we would be using, so I could match the colours with
my Promarkers. Just a small example of how much thought and effort goes into her classes to make sure everyone gets the most they can from them.
I class myself as a person with 'average' colouring skills but her patience and encouragement made me want to, not only improve them but also aspire to be a fraction as good as she is.
Apart from Faye costing me a fortune (because I have now had to purchase Copic pens, paper etc) she has been such an inspiration to me.
I can honestly say the course was worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn to improve their colouring.

Unknown said...

As an absolute Copic beginner I was a bit nervous about doing Fayes class but it was amazing, I would thoroughly recommend it! Faye explains techniques with patience (even if you have to ask for a 3rd time), and is very encouraging. I now feel much more confident and can't wait for Copic 2! Though I will definitely agree with Chrissies comment, I am getting carried away buying copics (and the stamps to colour in), it's addictive!! Thank you so much Faye!x

Anonymous said...

I was a beginner too when I took a one to one class with Faye. I was a bit apprehensive as I thought I was rubbish at colouring but like the ladies above have said, I needn't have worried at all as Faye mmediately makes you feel welcome and at ease and pitched the class at my level and ability. She is extremely talented and very encouraging and I learned such a lot. When I left, I immediately wanted to go out and buy a gazillion copic markers as I felt so inspired!! Thank you Faye and as Arnie said..... 'I'll be back'!!!

Unknown said...

Faye is a fabulous and patient teacher. Whether you've done copic classes before or you are a complete beginner there is something for all levels. Great techniques, good fun and smashing biscuits. Don't hesitate sign up for a class you won't be disappointed. xx

Hazel said...

So I've now completed copic 1, 2 and 3 as well as the skin, hair and folds classes. Whatever your skill level you'll learn heaps with Faye. I'm OK on animals but people were a subject I avoided especially if there were folds in clothes. I'm now comfortable at folds and would now be happy at tackling all those stamps I've avoided for years now. Also there's cakes and quite often a pop up shop from dies to die for so what's not to love?
Big hugs
Hazel xxx

Ribbon Girl said...

If you're thinking about learning more about colouring with Copics, don't be nervous, just go for it - I can recommend Faye - my daughter and I attended the Stage 1 Class near Leeds at the weekend, and learned such a lot. Faye is a very patient, very funny, and very talented teacher - the various segments of the course were very structured, Faye demonstrated each stage beautifully - she is the type of teacher who is actually teaching you loads while you have a good laugh and a great time - and it was a pleasure to sit with the other ladies on the course - everyone had a good day. When we wern't laughing, or scoffing the regular tea and yummy biscuits/cake/choccies, you could have heard a pin drop as we all concentrated on our colouring :-) We are looking forward to attending the next stage of our colouring journey. Thank you Faye!! Mary Gourley

AndreaNorris said...

Fab course content with a patient, funny and lovely tutor. Demonstrations of how to do each stage of the colouring techniques followed up by one to one advice. The classes are small enough to be comfortable and lively with like minded people. I can only say a perfect day. Looking forward to the next class and hopefully bumping into some of the lovely people I met on the course.
Thank you Faye <3
Andrea x

Kathleen said...

Attended the afternoon session on the 23rd of September at Bailiff Bridge, it was a really great afternoon and Faye is so very talented but not a DIVa, down to earth and very talented. She has the patience of a Saint and a great sense of humour. I am rubbish at colouring and to be honest prefer Pro Markers to Copics, but she didn't hold that against me, and was extremely helpful and kind. Great sense of humours and a very, very enjoyable afternoon. If you have doubts about attending one of her classes then, forget them as I am sure you will regret it if you don't join in.
I would not hesitate to go on another of her classes. Great group of people too.
The Dies to Die For shop was just amaizing.
Really lovely, talented Lady.

Kath x

Unknown said...

Thank you Faye for a wonderful class, I have learn't so much! Your teaching style is so informative and to watch you colour while you explain how to shade and give texture to images is mesmerising. I started off so afraid to lay down lots of colour and I ran a mile from using dark shades :) but your encouragement has given me so much confidence in using my Copic markers. I just can't wait now for level 4! I just need to practice, practice, practice now :)

Deborah said...

Wow! What a truly lovely day yesterday :-) I have been playing with Copics for a couple of years but I learnt so much yetserday doing the Copic One workshop and the 3 additional classes in the afternoon. Faye is so encouraging, warm, friendly and funny - and not forgetting an amazing colourist! I loved the demos but the one to one advice was brilliant so thank you for inspiring me to colour again. Thank you to the team for the seemingly endless coffee, cakes and choccies - very much appreciated. Thank you also to Tracey and the Dies to Die for shop - tho please could you ask Andy to mumble the totals in future - I fear the bank manager may have heard! A brilliant day Thank you all again. Now - Is it March yet?

Linda said...

I love Faye's fun approach to colouring, so much that I've just attended my third session and booking the forth!
Faye takes the time to make sure everyone understands the techniques being shown and helps everyone individually to achieve the best results!
Love ya Faye ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Claire said...

What a fabulous way to spend a Saturday. I wasn't sure what to expect having attended a few crafty classes in my time but this suppassed everything I'd hoped for. Faye is a teriffic instructor and has a wonderful sense of humour to boot. The whole crew made our day just perfect with such lovely attention to detail and I've come away with a whole new confidence in my colouring ability. Can't wait for the next class.

Janine said...

I have been making cards for quite some time and have always enjoyed using colour. Copics have been addictive and with Faye's fun teaching style I am getting to learn more about using them. Decided to start the Copic Official series and attended Copic 1 at the weekend. Really helps you remember the basics and learn new tricks too. Thoroughly enjoyed it and hoping to get onto Copic 2 in March

Pami said...

I have attended several of Faye's copic classes now and I can't recommend them enough. Faye is so knowledgable and passionate about what she does that you can't help coming away from one of her classes completely inspired! You will learn so much, which will advance you on your copic journey so much. The classes are fun, inspirational and full of hints and tips. Thank you Faye for all your support! X

debs29blue said...

I spent an amazing day on Saturday, along with my friend Debbie, at Faye's Copic colouring one class. It was a fantastic day!

I am new to Copics so I was a tad nervous but Faye was so lovely and welcoming, and despite not really having a clue what I was doing, with Faye's help,patience and a great ability to explain the techniques so clearly, I began to feel less nervous!
Having Debbie next to me as well was a big bonus (as her colouring is fantastic!) and with her help too, i came away so pleased with the day, and delighted with how much I feel I learnt.

So a huge thank you to Faye and not forgetting all the ladies who kindly kept us fed and watered all day! If that wasn't enough, Tracey from Dies To Die For was there with the most amazing shop you could wish for! Thank you Tracey and hubby too!

I am so looking forward to the next class and I can't wait for March!

Hugs, Debs xx

Deborah said...

I have now completed Copic Colouring One, Two and Three with Faye and had a fabulous time at each of the classes and learnt loads.

If you want to learn more about colouring or are a complete beginner then Faye is the person to teach you. As well as being brilliant at colouring, Faye is an excellent tutor. She explains each stage clearly, is patient and very encouraging. The classes are well-organised and Faye makes you feel welcome and at ease.

I can highly recommend Faye, and her classes.

Deborah A

Unknown said...

I had a brilliant time yesterday at a Copic class with Faye! Class one complete!
For anyone considering whether it's worth it - it totally is! Faye is a fantastic teacher!
When you spend so much on the pens, a small investment to learn how to use them properly is a no-brainer :-)
There was so much I didn't know just in one class! Roll on class 2!
I'd highly recommend the classes!
Thank you faye! Xx

kay said...

Had another amazing weekend colouring wth Faye and friends. Always look forward to these and Faye is a patient tutor who always know how to get you out of your comfort zone. She always greets you with a smile and hug and makes you feel welcome. I have learnt loads since my copic journey started and the only downside is having to work so not enough time for colouring 😉

Pippa said...

Brilliant morning colouring with Faye at Merriott. Very relaxed and Faye is a wonderful presenter and teacher. My only regret was not being able to stay all day or do the Sunday. Hopefully Faye will be this way again soon! Would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about colouring or just needs a recap with one to one support. Thank you Faye.

Unknown said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Faye. Today has been totally wonderful. Completed Copic one and two. You are a brilliant tutor, a very talented artist and a kind and patient lady.
I've learnt much more than i even thought of and as for 'speed colouring' ..... apart from making me laugh and panic was all so enjoyable.
Roll on Copic three thats what I say!
Once again - Thank you xxx

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Kelly Lloyd said...

I absolutely recommend Faye's classes..
I had a great day yesterday on the copic Colouring 1, skin, hair and folds classes.
Faye's is a great teacher, very well organised, patient and helpful. I was a little nervous before I arrived but as soon as you walk through the door you are made to feel welcome and relaxed with a hug from Faye. Lol.. I learnt so much yesterday and look forward to putting it into practice now with my Colouring at home. Have booked up for the next courses and look forward to learning more from the copic genius ;-)

Thanks Faye xxxx

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Faye is a fantastic tutor, and manages to ensure that everyone in the class achieves a good result, whether they are total beginners or more experienced Copic users. I really enjoyed the day.

Annie said...

I met Faye for the first time yesterday at one of her classes. Would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in learning more about colouring copics to go to a class with Faye, she is lovely and very talented!! And definitely helps you feel more confident with colouring. I am already thinking of doing a second class with Faye as I enjoyed yesterday so much!

Ann xx

Kietha said...

Well what can I say, I have just completed a weekend of Copic colouring with Faye. She is a fantastic tutor with a great sense of humour and the patience of a saint. The classes are extremely well planned and organised, with some lovely little surprise goodies thrown in along the way. I have left with my head buzzing with ideas, new knowledge and confidence.
If you are reading this an have ever thought about doing a class with Faye stop hesitating and do it. The classes are worth every penny and no matter at what level of a colourist you believe yourself to be you will definitely learn and enjoy the process. Don't be put off if you think you're not good enough and will feel foolish. You will not. Faye takes the time to explain what she's doing and wanting us to achieve going over the steps until every class member is clear on the process. She spends time with everyone individually giving guidence, hints and tips. On the second day of the course I just attended (Warrington), she arrived early to help people who had been having difficulty with certain aspects of colouring the previous day. I would like to say thank you Faye for giving me something money can't buy CONFIDENCE and a belief in my own ability. I can't wait to meet you again later in the year and until then practice, practice, practice.

Kietha xx

Linda Simpson said...

I would like to thank Faye for arranging these classes in Warrington! I attended on the 23rd and 24th October and learnt so much from classes 1 and 2 as well as the technique classes. She is very patient, takes the time to come around all the member of the group to check on our progress through each stage. Has a wicked sense of humour as well as the patience of a saint.

I came away feeling so much more confident in my colouring and everything I learnt finally gelled in my own colouring journey.

I would highly recommend beginners and seasoned colourists to attend these classes as you will all achieve more than you could possibly wish for.

I am so excited and looking forward to the next classes later in the year but also meeting up with new friends I made this past weekend too.

Linda :) xxx

Lilibet said...

Hello - I did the Copic 1 & Copic 2 Class along with technique classes. The classes were jammed packed with helpful tips and guidance that has improved my colouring already. It has also given me a renewed love of colouring which has to be down to Faye's infectious (Not as in the itchy germy type?!)personality and teaching style. This girl knows her stuff...!
Plus the pop up shop is brilliant and we got fed Chocolate cake - now I can't promise that happens every class but I reckon there will be treats always!!!
And another thing... you get to meet lots of people that are fairly local that share your enjoyment of craftiness - you may even make some new friends ;)

Basically - Its an ace course and well worth the money and I can't wait for the next one !

Jayne and Jenny said...

As a complete newbie to copics I was very unsure as to what to expect from the classes, they were amazing!! Lots of tips and techniques packed into the classes. I completed copic one and two and also an afternoon of techniques in bite sized classes. The classes were a mix of newbies and experienced copic enthusiasts. I came away with lots of ideas and gained loads of confidence in my colouring.
Faye is an amazing tutor and has a delightful personality.
The rest of the team also deserve a mention for supplying us with a fantastic range of products, tea and coffee all day and loads of delicious treats!
It was an amazing experience and urge anyone thinking of joining us copic addicts to do so, you will not regret it.
For now I’m busy practicing and trying to build a better range of copic colours and I can’t wait to do copic three and four in the future.

Thanks a million Faye xx

Eve's Been Reading said...

I did Copic Colouring Class 1&2 with Faye and can thoroughly recommend it. Faye is a great teacher, learning is one on one in a small class environment with like minded people. She is constructive and honest with her feedback, which is welcome. I learned loads and attained a better understanding on light source though trust me, i’ve a way to go yet!!
Can’t wait to do more classes if Faye comes back up North.
Great day, genuinely enjoyed it and learned lots....oh and the scrumptious biscuits helped too!!! :)
Thank you Faye xx

Fiona said...

what can I say...this was a fab day learning all the tips of the trade. Faye is so good at teaching, has so much patience and takes time to spend with each person on the course giving constructive feedback along the way which was welcomed. The added bonus was the big screen tv...lots of us like to watch and then try so this was great.
Hopefully it won't be long until classes 3 & 4....I will defo be attending. For anybody that's in two minds about attending, then you should go, you won't be disappointed.
Well done Faye and thanks you so much.


Liz McGuire, said...

As many have said before this class is amazing. Faye is a lovely teacher- very knowledgeable and patient. I will definitely be booking classes 3 and 4 the next time she comes North of the border!

Deborah said...

We had another amazing time at Faye's Copic colouring 3 class at the weekend. Another fun and infomtative morning led by the ever-lovely Faye. Once again, I left having learnt loads and with renewed motivation. Faye really does make you believe you can do this! So thanks again Faye and roll on October! Xx

Grenouille Greetings said...

I attended COPIC I last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Faye's tutoring style is relaxed and encouraging but well structured with great learning materials including practice images to take home afterwards. I found the day really well-planned and executed and I felt more knowledgeable and more competent in my colouring afterwards. The fact that the classes were held surrounded by lots of lovely stash from Tracy's Dies to Die for Store was also a great attraction! Take the plunge, crafters! This is a great class and Faye is a great teacher!

Janine said...

Great classes at the weekend. New technology made it so much better. Now need to keep moving forward and apply the techniques to other images. Already looking forward to October. Thanks Faye for the encouragement (and for battling with my pens!)

Unknown said...

I have wanted to do a Copic Colouring workshop for years but sadly they were all too far away....until now!

I had a brilliant day, learnt loads and had fun. Faye is such a fabulous teacher with loads of patience. What more could you want? Oh and we had sweeties and biscuits!

Thank you to Tracy and Andy for a fantastic selection of stamps and tea!

Can't wait to do the next one!

Helena said...

Hello crafty folks.
Im Helena Wilson and i just want you all to know that i have been doing classes with the lovely faye for 18 months now.
although i have completd all the courses 1-4 i still go to the classes.
Faye has always got something new to show us, its a great way to keep up to date with techniques, tips and tricks and buy lots of goodies from the dies to die for pop up shop.
you also get fed some lovely treats too and meet some new faces and old ones.
i strongly suggest anyone from the beginner to the experienced copic user to take some classes, you can never stop learning, and Faye is an amazing teacher.

Mrs_McClusky said...

HI everyone, I did Faye's Copic 2 class yesterday and Copic 1 in Feb 2018. I have a background in art but always love to learn more. I was a little apprehensive about the first course because I am not a card maker or crafter and so I wasn't sure if i'd find the content relevent. Both courses were fab. Copic one gives you lots of the basics and copic 2 takes you onto the next level.

The set-up is very professional with lots of things to purchase, and you can pay with cash or card - which makes a massive difference. Faye now has a visualiser set up for the tutorials which mean that you can stay in your seat to watch the demos and draw along at the same time, rather than 'gather round and watch me' - which I do as a teacher and can be a bit of a pain.

In terms of delivery, Faye is a delight. She is so enthusiastic and full of energy (fuelled by a love of life and choclit!!) and more importantly is extremely knowledgable, AND can impart her knowledge to her students (not everyone can do this - trust me!) She is flexible with all abilities and needs and makes you feel completely relaxed.

I came away from yesterday's sessions feeling really motivated and looking forward to continuing my practice at home. Shame work gets in the way!!!

Pippa said...

I did Faye's Copic Class 2 at Sutton Coldfield. It was worth the trip up from Somerset. I had a fantastic morning and learnt so many new tips and techniques. Faye is a terrific teacher explaining everything simply and going around the class to check how everyone is doing with praise and advise. Anyone looking to improve their colouring skills would get something from this class. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Thank you Faye.

Unknown said...

I’ve done copic 1 and 2 this year over in Sutton Coldfield. This is a bit of a trip for me but is well worth the journey. Best decision I made was signing up to the class. I don’t know many crafters in my area and even less who use copics and felt a little daunted pitching up to the first one, but I had nothing to fear. Faye is an excellent teacher and encourager and organises the sessions so that she is able to give group and one on one attention. Copic one was a great introduction to the basics and two built on that and introduced new techniques and now I’m waiting for class three. I’d recommend Faye’s classes to everyone, whatever level you are at you will come away with something new . Thanks Faye

Pippa said...

I have already said how wonderful Copic 1 and 2 were and now I have done Copic 3. As always Faye was brilliant, explaining everything and giving lots of encouragement and praise. I can't wait to do Copic 4! If this is something you have been thinking of doing, stop thinking and just book I promise you will not be disappointed, always something to learn even if you are an experienced colourist, and loads of fun. Just do it!

Deb said...

What a real treat a class with Faye is! I've attended all sorts of workshops over a number of years and Copic 1 stood out as one of the best. There is a warm welcome and lots of lovely little touches such as a wee goodie bag and a great little folder with all the notes from the class so you don't need to worry about forgetting anything Faye has shared. And she shares a lot!! Faye's knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for her subject lift your own abilities to new heights. I loved it and can't wait for the next one! Thanks Faye, you're a star :)

Mel X said...

To anyone thinking of booking classes with Faye - DO IT !!! She’s brilliant and so patient. I’ve recently completed the first three courses and was initially worried my colouring skills would prove worse than I thought. Faye’s classes are really well planned and organised. Her teaching style is informal and she puts u at ease with her sense of humour. She is so supportive and points out the positives in what you do with tips to improve on technique. On all classes I’ve attended so far I’ve been really impressed by how she makes time for everyone in amongst the teaching and cannot believe how she remembers everyone’s names. I found Faye to be really down to earth and approachable, nothing is too much trouble and she manages to pitch her classes to meet the needs of all attendees - a highly skilled tutor and I can not recommend her enough. If you’re considering signing up for w class - crack on with it - you won’t regret it.

AndreaNorris said...

Loved my latest class with Faye at Otley, you spend time with like minded ladies who love crafty things and colouring. Classes go by so fast but Faye manages to cram so much into them and spend a little time with you individually as well, helping you improve your own techniques. Can't wait for the next one :)
Andrea x

Janine said...

Completed classes 1 to 4 now and several other fun ones along the way - still learning and hopefully improving. Thanks Faye for more Copic gems and Fayeisms this weekend - really great.

Unknown said...

Just returned from Copic 3 in Warrington. We also covered crazy chicks and starry skies.
I had a fabulous time over the two days. I met up with lovely people whom I met a few months before on Copic 1&2.
I was even invited for tea by a lovely lady that I met in the March.
Relaxed learning environment, Faye welcomes you so warmly, and even remembers EVERYONES names!! Amazing.
Don't worry if you've never coloured before, go along to Copic 1 and build up from there.
I now look back over my older work and can see what I've learned. My images are completely transformed.
You'll have such a great time I promise. Go for now!
Kelly Louise xx

Linda Simpson said...

Many thanks for another 2 great workshops on 27 and 28 October. I learnt lots of new techniques which I will be putting into practice the next couple of weeks.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced with Copics I would highly recommend them.

It was great to catch up with friends I made at the last classes in Warrington which is always good.

Linda xxx

Jane said...

Just taken Copic 1, crazy chicks and starry skies at Warrington 27th October. Had to stand for over two hours on an overcrowded train to get there and wait over one and a half hours for my connecting train on the way home - but it was so worth it! Super classes, super teacher and learnt so much in a fun and relaxed way. Hoping to repeat the journey when the next lot of classes get announced, but will remember to reserve a seat! Oh and the Dies to Die For shop was pretty fabulous too.

Roz said...

Having started to get interested in Copic colouring I saw Faye’s class listed online and decided it was what I needed to help me really understand the way to develop my skills - and boy was I right. Loved every minute of it, time went way too fast and I was gutted I couldn’t stay for the afternoon. Already looking forward to the next one and seeing improvements in the practice I have done since Saturday �� Huge thanks to Faye for being an awesome teacher and making sure everyone had support with their work. Roll on Copic 2.

Deborah said...

Oh! I am sooo sad! I have completed all the Copic Classes 1 through to 4 with the ever-lovely Faye! I may have to start again!!

As I think many have said before, Faye is a brilliant teacher, the classes have all been great fun and I have learnt loads - including how to spell choklit properly! ;-)

A big thank you to Faye and all the team - you are all amazing! Xx

Lisa T said...

As always I thoroughly enjoyed my recent Copic colouring class with the lovely Faye. I completed the second part of ECCP a few weekends ago in a fun and relaxed environment. I think the addition of the screen to watch Faye colour is really helpful as it means you can see close up much more easily (great for my ageing eyes!). Faye brings SO much experience and knowledge to these classes, but she makes them really good fun too and it's brilliant that you get some 1:1 time with her. The classes fly by and I can't wait for my next one - thank you so much Faye, you rock! Lisa xx

Pami said...

Just completed another one of Faye's fabulous classes!
Faye creates a wonderful relaxed environment which is perfect to learn new techniques. The classes are always fun and you learn so much, even if you have done classes before you always come away having learnt something new. I always feeling inspired and motivated to carry on with my practice at home.
Thank you so much Faye for such a wonderful class. Can't wait for the next one! Pam xx

Julie B said...

My first classes with the fab Faye and it won't be my last!
She's so patient with the beginners and also with the more experienced ones with bad habits!
This what learning should be like, FUN! :)

Unknown said...

I initially saw Faye demonstrating with Copics at the craft show at the Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham. At the time I was using Spectrum Noir markers and having a few issues with them!!

I decided to take the plunge and invest in a few Copics to see if there was any difference. Let me tell you.....there is! I love my Copics, even though I don't have a huge selection yet.

What really made the difference to me though was going to my first, of many I hope, classes with Faye. She is so friendly, organised and patient. You even get a sticky note with your drink order on and the tea/coffee just appears!!

I did an afternoon class in Sutton Coldfield and am looking forward to starting the 'full' four part Copic colouring course in September. Can't wait. Thanks Faye.

AnneN said...

I attended Faye's class in March 19. I went alone so was feeling very nervous but Faye was lovely and soon put me at my ease. The class was fantastic, I was surprised how much information I picked up and I was really pleased with what I had produced by the end of the day and I am really looking forward to the next class. A great day and a truly lovely instructor.

Unknown said...

Love attending Faye classes. She puts you at ease and has patience. She gives you the knowledge to use your copic to produce some fabulous colouring. Just wish I had more time to practice.

Sarah K said...

Thanks for a fabulous copic day full of fun and learning. Looking forward to Copic 4 in July xx

Julie B said...

Another fab day colouring with Faye. Made it despite the broken arm, just couldn't miss this fun class! :)

Fiona said...

I absolutely recommend Faye's comic classes she is such an inspiration to all colourist. She goes through each step thoroughly and explains in great detail how best to colour. It's a great way to spend time with others that share the same interests and you will make friends forever...oh and one thing..she also comes with choklit.


Unknown said...

Hi, I'm Gill and have just attended my first Copic day- Copic 1 , scenery and another one..sorry forgot the title.
I saw Faye demonstrate at a Happy Stampers show and it looked like the figure would jump off the page and run away. I could colour within the lines but that was as much as I could say- flat, unimaginative and functional. Boring.
Faye was patient, very knowledgeable, and thorough. There wasn't anyone in the class who felt left behind- or not that they said out loud! We all completed practice images, scene and image that look completely different to 'flat and unimaginative', with practice- my job- my colouring has taken a huge leap forwards and I'm sure I'll be back for Copic 2 and more.
I can't recommend it more than that.

Unknown said...

If you have copic pens and wish to learn more about using them a class with Faye is the way to go she is so inspirational. Faye is so patient and knowledable helps you learn to get the most out of your pens. I still have a long way to go but have enjoyed ever class and challenge she has set. Everyone is so friendly from faye, tracy from die to die and other students. Dont be afraid and take the plunge and book a class with Faye.

Claire said...

Always a joy to have a date in the diary for one of Faye’s classes . Not only do you learn a new skill but you also have fun and laughter . What’s not to like .... oh , and lots of choklit !
Claire F