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I'm Faye Wynn-Jones, Copic Certified Regional Instructor for the UK. In 2016 I also became a European Copic Colouring Master.

Please find details of all classes below. If you have any questions, or are interested in classes please e-mail me at the following address:

Alternatively, you can find me on Facebook.

Please note, you will need to bring your own markers to classes. 

European Copic Colouring Programme

To meet the demand for Copic Classes in Europe, in 2012 a group of Regional Copic Instructors developed the European Copic Colouring Programme. In 2016, the materials were rewritten to reflect current trends and new techniques.

The ECCP consists of 4 classes...Copic Colouring One, Copic Colouring Two, Copic Colouring Three and Copic Colouring Four. Participants will be provided with Information and Practise Sheets, but are required to bring their own Markers.

Each class covers different topics and will lasts for approximately 3 hours.

After attending the four classes, Copic users can sit an exam to become a European Copic Colouring Master. (See information below).

In addition to the Copic Colouring Classes, the following Theme Classes are also be available:

Copic Colouring - Folds
Copic Colouring - Hair

These classes are both three hour sessions. You can expect to work specifically through different aspects of colouring folds and colouring hair.


Copic Colouring One

Cost £45

Intended for anyone who wants to learn about Copic products and basic colouring techniques. We advise everybody, even good Colourists to take this class. (As someone who is largely self taught, I found this class really useful.)

Product Overview
Smooth Colouring
Colouring Skin
Colouring Hair


Copic Colouring Two

Cost £45

Intended for Copic users who want to improve and increase their Colouring Skills. Participation in Copic Colouring One is required.


Basic Light Source
Colouring Hair with Texture
Colouring Backgrounds


Copic Colouring Three

Cost £45

Intended for Copic users who want to improve and increase their Colouring Skills. Participation in Copic Colouring One  and Copic Colouring Two is required.


Pleats and Folds
Colouring Fur


Copic Colouring Four

Cost £45

Intended for Copic users who want to improve and increase their Colouring Skills. Participation in Copic Colouring One, Copic Colouring Two and Copic Colouring Three is required.


Colouring Black and White
No Lines Technique


European Copic Colouring Master (in Paper Crafting) Certification

Cost: TBA

After having followed the  four Copic Colouring Classes, you can sign up for the Master Exam. After passing a review of your colouring abilities, you will be certified as European Copic Colouring Master (in Paper Crafting).

You have followed the 4 classes mentioned above.

When you sign up for the Master Exam, you will receive nine projects to colour at home. On completion, you will be invited to a two hour exam, where you will colour further images.

Your work will be evaluated by two Regional Copic Instructors and the Executive Copic Instructor. You will receive results as soon as possible, this takes around two months. If positive, the Certificate will be sent to you, If negative, the Instructor will advise you how to improve. You can send the improved work to the Instructor for a second review, or if necessary come to a new Exam.


Copic Certification

Important Note

This class is not like the American Certification. It is only for Store Owners, with the purpose of teaching about Copics as a product. Being Copic Certified does not mean you are endorsed by Copic to teach, therefore, it is not the same as being a Regional Instructor.

What's Covered:
A full day, theory based class covering Product Basics, The Copic Colour Wheel, Basic Blending Techniques, Using the Blender Pen, Palette Blending, Tip to Tip Blending, Feather Blending, and Using the Airbrush. This Class is 70% theory and 30% colouring.


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